» » The Secret of Life, Death and Immortality A startling proposition, with a chapter devoted to mental therapeutics and instructions for self healing

The Secret of Life, Death and Immortality A startling proposition, with a chapter devoted to mental therapeutics and instructions for self healing

The Secret of Life, Death and Immortality
A startling proposition, with a chapter devoted to mental
therapeutics and instructions for self healing
Title: The Secret of Life, Death and Immortality A startling proposition, with a chapter devoted to mental therapeutics and instructions for self healing
Release Date: 2018-08-10
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The above is a reproduction of a photograph ofan electric spark, showing the Negative and Positive.The white represents the negative, the lines show thepositive, the view on the top showing the strongestpositive effect.



The Secret
of Life, Death
and Immortality

A Startling Proposition, Witha Chapter Devoted to MentalTherapeutics and Instructionsfor Self Healing


Author of

Published by Henry Fleetwood
Los Angeles


Copyrighted by
Dec. 3, 1908



Cosmic Evolution; Life Germs—how produced; “The Word”—evolution of; Universal Vibration—the only Immortality; Continuous Evolution—the condition of creation.
Electricity and Life
Proof that Electricity is Life; recent discoveries in the wireless telegraph and telephone, telepathy, etc.,—how they affect the human race; other possibilities of Electricity.
Love and Music
Their relation to Life; their effect on creation; the power of love; the power of music; all emotion subject to these powers.
There cannot be conscious immortality; what is immortality?; why we hope for consciousness in a future life; how the ancients regarded a future life.
The Sun
Its relation to life; what is radiant energy?; why the ancients worshipped the sun; the Parsees the present sun worshippers.
The great curse of the Universe—the only devil—its insidious claims—its effect on life.
Its relation to Life; the only Immortal; its loving purpose; its relation to evolution.
Mental Therapeutics, or healing suggestions; Christian Science; Faith healing, etc.
Resume and Conclusion.



The writer of these pages a few years agoinvented, patented and successfully demonstratedin the city of Los Angeles, California,a mechanical device by which he transformedmusical vibrations into “electrical” waves.These when conveyed to the human organismwere found to be harmonizing, vitalizing, andcurative, in many nervous and functional disorders.Further study and research alongthese lines convinced him that all vibration,or motion, or activity is electrical. That allphenomena are electrical phenomena. In fact,that there is but one substance in the universe,and that is—Electricity.

Without any attempt to enter the realm ofmetaphysics, the writer desires to state thathe uses the term Life in its absolute or universalsense, and not in the conditioned or limitedsense in which it is ordinarily and looselyused. He distinguishes between Life—withits eternal, inherent unceasing impulse andenergy—and the resultant of that impulse andenergy; whether that resultant be a moleculeof hydrogen or what is called consciousness,intelligence, manifesting through an organismcalled man.

This Life is not mind, nor its product matter.It is Substance—and that substance the[8]writer calls electricity. It is eternal. It isthe totality of what is, or Be-ing. It has adual impulse or tendency, viz. (the positiveand negative)—attraction and repulsion of itsinfinite integral constituent particles orELECTRONS. This attraction and repulsion,this breaking and closing of the circuit,this vibration or motion—always in a straightline or a circle—this infinite eternal polarity,being continuous creation or evolution, anddestruction or devolution.

It has not been possible in the limited spacedevoted to this book to attempt a discussionand proof of the statements made herein.While the statements made are scientific andrational the writer could not do more thanpoint out through them the direction in whichthe truth is to be sought and found.

The reader will find many thoughts suggestedalong the line of the wireless telegraphand telephone, musical vibrations, thought vibrations,telepathy, clairvoyance, “Spiritualisticphenomena,” death, post-mortem consciousnessor “Conscious immortality,” etc.

We are living in an age of scientific investigationand inquiry. The human mind isawakening to the necessity of doing its ownthinking instead of being bound by the manydogmas of religious systems.

Laden with ability to annihilate superstition,and forever destroy that curse of humanity—Fear—in[9]all who will carefully and with anopen mind read them, these pages are setadrift.

Los Angeles, California.

September, 1908.



Cosmic Evolution. Life Germs—How Produced.“The Word”—Evolution of.Thought Vibration the Only Immortality.“Life” and “Death” Evolved from the SameCosmic Substance.

“But words are things, and a small drop ofink falling like dew upon a thought, producesthat which makes thousands, perhaps millions,think.”—Byron.

Electricity is the one, eternal, unchangeable,indestructible, universal substance.

The universe is made up of innumerable“corpuscles,” from whose manifold combinations,ruled by unalterable affinities, has beenevolved our solar system.

Our earth after the cooling process, becamethrough the light and radiant energy of thesun, the theater of the evolution of the variousforms of life. The eternal, inherent, restlessenergy that had formed and launched into existencethis solar system continued its workto evolve conscious life on this earth. Monad,atom, protoplasm, molecule and cell all beingproduced by this electric energy we call life.

This universal substance is constituted ofelectrons—infinitesimally smaller than atomic[11]dust—each electron having the potentiality ofthe whole, with its positive and negative impulse.

It is well known that each molecule is aseparate and distinct organism, formed by thissame electric impulse. The active force inevolution being the electric energy—attractionand repulsion—its movements can be easilyfollowed by noting the similarity of its formation,namely, circular or spherical. The tendencyof this electric energy is always to forma complete circuit—and must do so in order toevolve and carry on its work of evolution; allcreation being the result of the breaking andclosing of the circuit. The various forms oflife evolved, are subject to this same restlessimpulse—positive and negative—which continuesthe work of creation or evolution.

As what is called “life” is the result of theclosing of the circuit, so what is called “death”is the result of the breaking of the circuit.Thus we see that life and death are one andthe same process. Simply the readjustment,rearrangement of these infinite electrons by theopening and closing of the electric circuit.The same eternal, inherent, restless energy foreverat play—creating life, and creating death—bothequally beautiful. This is the continuousevolution of Darwin and others. Thereis no rest. There is only eternal continuousvibration. Prof. Loeb says, “The force[12]that makes life possible is primarily the electriccharge.” Dr. Samuel Wallian says, “Lifeoriginates in vibration and consists of an incessantrepetition of vibrations.” It can with equaltruth be said that THE FORCE THATMAKES DEATH POSSIBLE IS PRIMARILYTHE ELECTRIC CHARGE; ANDDEATH ORIGINATES IN VIBRATION,AND CONSISTS OF AN INCESSANTREPETITION OF VIBRATIONS—or openingand closing of an electric circuit. Theseare the only Two IMMORTALS—Life andDeath.

Primitive man having his habitation mainlyin the primeval forest, the shadows cast by thesun became objects of terror to him. Thecaves with their mysteries begot gnomes andhobgoblins. Thus was born that great curseof humanity—Fear. Feeling the need of protectionfrom these bogies of his imagination,he peopled his world with fairies, etc., thatwould help him to overcome the evil of thesefancied cave and forest shadow-folk. Herewe have the origin of good and evil, rewardsand punishments, out of which has beenevolved the various systems of religion. Observingthe various phenomena of this universalforce, he called it God; made images toexpress his ideas and worshipped them.

Man’s evolution in the universe of thought[13]has been slow, handicapped as he has beenby superstition, traditional folk-lore and lackof individual search for truth. But now for thepast fifty years there has prevailed a set ofthought vibrations—a so-called “NewThought” wave—that has impelled to a desirefor the truth that shall make one free.

There is no mystery in nature. She worksunder the immutable laws of her eternal being—Electricity.When primitive man evolvedon this earth he was at first without speech,his only language being guttural sounds andgestures, some of which are distinctly discerniblein many of the present races of mankind.From these guttural sounds speech wasevolved and the “word” was born. “In thebeginning was the word and the word waswith God and the word was God.”

The brain cells of man—the ego—the beginningor birth of understanding—sent forthvibrations called “thought” into the universe;and man has been adding to their volume duringcountless ages. As he progressed helearned to write by signs or hieroglyphics, thusrecording his thoughts. By still further evolutionhe constructed an alphabet and finally aprinting press, so that now thoughts can beeasily recorded and preserved.

Sir Humphrey Davy immediately upon recoveringfrom apparent death, caused by oneof his scientific experiments, exclaimed, “I am[14]convinced that thought is all there is in theuniverse.”

As all man’s thoughts,—the vibrations of hisbrain cells—are contained in the universe,there must be reservoirs of thought governedby the law of natural selection.

This accounts for what we call genius. Forexample, a child is born showing early agenius for music, which enables it to grow inthe art until it becomes famous. What is theexplanation? Simply that during the periodof gestation the mother was environed by musicalvibrations, so attuning the brain cells ofthe child that communication was establishedwith some great reservoir of musical thoughtin the universe, and a genius was evolved.This is the so-called “Reincarnation.” A perfectlynatural law of vibration.

Creation, we repeat, is but continuous evolution,bringing forth by natural selection,—“everythingafter its kind”—progressing onwardyear by year, developing more improvedspecies and greater inventions. Evolution isbut continuous creation. They are one, evenas life and death are one.

Lucretius wrote fifty years B. C., “Changeis the law of things and is brought about byopposing forces.” Lucretius did not know thatthese opposing forces were but the attractionand repulsion, or positive and negative actionof the one universal substance,—Electricity.[15]The inherent eternal impulse (polarity, or sex)of the electrons composing the universal substancefrom which all things are evolved.Many of the great scientific writers, such asKant, Darwin, Wallace, Hume, etc., had notseen this great light which the discovery andinvestigation of certain electrical phenomenahas revealed and so could not account for thisprimal force in the universe, which they knewexisted but could not define.

Electricity is Life, and cosmic evolution isbut the law of vibration of its eternal, universalbeing.

All formations of worlds, planets, suns, stars,asteroids, etc., were rotated into form andposition and continue their movements by thissame universal law of vibration—the inherent,eternal impulse and energy of the one onlysubstance—Electricity. Millions of ages havebeen evolved in the cosmos. All are subjectto what is called decay or death, but, as Lucretiussays, “What is will perish, but only toappear in another form.”

All formations of nature in the universe arecircular or spherical, thus proving their

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