» » An Universal Dictionary of the Marine Or, a Copious Explanation of the Technical Terms and Phrases Employed in the Construction, Equipment, Furniture, Machinery, Movements, and Military Operations of a Ship. Illustrated With Variety of Original Designs of

An Universal Dictionary of the Marine Or, a Copious Explanation of the Technical Terms and Phrases Employed in the Construction, Equipment, Furniture, Machinery, Movements, and Military Operations of a Ship. Illustrated With Variety of Original Designs of

An Universal Dictionary of the Marine
Or, a Copious Explanation of the Technical Terms and Phrases
Employed in the Construction, Equipment, Furniture,
Machinery, Movements, and Military Operations of a Ship.
Illustrated With Variety of Original Designs of
Title: An Universal Dictionary of the Marine Or, a Copious Explanation of the Technical Terms and Phrases Employed in the Construction, Equipment, Furniture, Machinery, Movements, and Military Operations of a Ship. Illustrated With Variety of Original Designs of
Release Date: 2018-08-16
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Construction, Equipment, Furniture, Machinery, Movements, and Military Operations

Variety of Original DESIGNS of SHIPPING, in different Situations; Together with separate Views of their Masts, Sails, Yards, and Rigging.
To which is annexed,
A Translation of the French Sea-Terms and Phrases, collected from the Works of Mess. Du Hamel, Aubin, Saverien, &c.

Author of The Shipwreck.
Printed for T. Cadell (Successor to Mr. Millar) in the Strand.
By their LORDSHIPS’ Permission,
The Author.


The following work has engaged my utmost applicationfor some years. Several performances onthe same subject have already appeared; as Sir H. Manwaring’sSeaman’s Dictionary; Boteler’s Sea Dialogues;Guillet’s Gentleman’s Dictionary, and Blanckley’s NavalExpositor, &c. Far from exhibiting an enlarged andcomprehensive view of naval affairs, these productionsare extremely imperfect, according to the very circumscribedplan which their authors have adopted. Thereare besides, the Dictionaire de Marine of M. Aubin, publishedin Holland; and that of M. Saverien, publishedin France. These are indeed voluminous, but very deficientin the most necessary articles. Besides a circumstantialdetail of the local oeconomy of different marinedepartments, they are swelled out with astronomy,navigation, hydrography, natural history, &c. all ofwhich are abundantly better treated in other compositions.Of the machinery of a ship; the dispositionof the rigging on her masts and yards; and the comparativeforce of her different mechanical powers, theiraccounts however are often vague, perplexed, and unintelligible.

With regard to her internal government inaction; to the general regulations of the line of battle;and to the principal movements in sailing, theyare almost totally silent. Had any of these worksbeen executed with tolerable success, it might haverendered mine unnecessary; or probably have introducedit in the form of a translation.

I acknowledge with great pleasure the advantages Ihave derived in the prosecution of this work, from severalauthors of distinguished reputation: in reality howevernone of those above-mentioned are of the number. Inthat part which is dedicated to the theory and art ofship-building, I owe considerable obligations to the ingeniousM. Du Hamel. The principal pieces used inthe construction of a ship, together with their combinationand disposition, are copiously and accurately describedin his Elements of Naval Architecture: and hisgeneral account of the art itself is perspicuous andcomprehensive. Many of his explanations I have thereforeimplicitly adopted.

In treating of the artillery, I have occasionally consultedLe Blond, Muller, and Robins, besides selectingsome valuable materials from the manuscripts of officersof long experience and established reputation in thatservice. Whatever relates to the rigging, sails, machinery,and movements of a ship; or to the practice ofnaval war, is generally drawn from my own observations;unless where the author is quoted.

As there are abundance of books professedly writtenon astronomy, and the theory of navigation, I havetotally omitted the terms of the former, as foreign to myplan; and slightly passed over the latter: because noreader could acquire a sufficient idea of those sciencesfrom so partial a description. Many of the least importantparts of a ship, as well as of her rigging, are verygenerally defined. To explain the track of every particularrope, through its different channels, would beequally useless and unintelligible to a land reader: tomariners it were superfluous: and even the youths whoare trained to the sea, would reap little advantage fromit; because their situation affords them much better opportunitiesof making these minute discoveries.

I have in general endeavoured to give the etymologyof the most material expressions, unless when their evidentanalogy to common words rendered this unnecessary.Many reasons may be alledged for introducing theFrench sea-terms and phrases; particularly that obviousone, of understanding their pilots, when we may have occasionfor their assistance. Wherever it was found necessaryto explain one technical term by another, thelatter is usually printed in italics the first time it is mentioned;so that the reader may refer to it for a furtherexplanation.

As the plates of this publication were intended to illustratethe various objects to which they refer, they arelittle ornamented; but have in general the recommendationof simplicity and geometrical truth. In this part Ihave been particularly favoured with many original drawings,which are usually considered amongst the inaccessiblearcana of ship-building. They are much more numerous,useful, and correct, than what has hitherto appearedin any work of the kind. In fine, I have endeavoured,to the best of my judgment, to retrench thesuperfluities, and supply the deficiences of former writerson the same subject, as well as to digest and methodisewhatever appeared loose or inaccurate therein.

This undertaking was first suggested to me by myworthy and ingenious friend George Lewis Scott, Esq;who considered it as a work of extensive utility, Indeed,in a country whose principal sources of strengthare derived from the superiority of her marine, it isevidently wanted. I have the pleasure also to know thatSir Edward Hawke, and several officers of respectable abilitiesin our navy, are of the same opinion. To thismay be added, what the celebrated M. Du Hamel latelyobserved, in a letter to me, s. I mention this expressly,because some sea-officers have considered the work unnecessary.It is however submitted, with all possible deference,to superior judges; to men of science and letters,who know the difficulty of explaining the parts of amechanical system, when the readers are unacquaintedwith the subject.


His Royal Highness the Duke of Gloucester.

His Royal Highness the Duke of Cumberland.

Right Hon. Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty,as a Board.

  • A
  • Capt. Abdy, of the Navy
  • John Adam, Esq;
  • Robert Adam, Esq;
  • James Adam, Esq;
  • William Adam, Esq;
  • Alex. Anderson, Esq;
  • Capt. Alwright, of the Navy
  • Capt. Antrobus, ditto
  • Mr. Richard Atkinson, 2 copies
  • London Assurance Office
  • Royal Exchange Assurance Office
  • B
  • His Grace the Duke of Beaufort
  • Right Hon. Earl of Berkeley
  • Right Hon. Lord Bottetourt
  • Right Hon. John Buller, Lord of the
  • Admiralty.
  • Col. Bendyshe
  • Hon. George Berkeley
  • The Rev. Dr. Blair
  • Capt. Bentinck, of the Navy
  • Capt. George Bowyer, of ditto
  • Mr. Robert Baynes
  • Edward Hugh Boscawen, Esq;
  • William Glanville Boscawen, Esq;
  • John Boddington, Esq;
  • John Blair, Esq; Calcutta
  • Lieut. Henry Baynes
  • Lieut. T. P. Braithwaite
  • Lieut. James Bradley
  • Mr. J. Bourgh
  • Lieut. Geo. Baker
  • Capt. Brisac
  • Mr. Robert Bogle
  • Mr. William Brymer
  • Mr. James Barwell
  • Mr. William Berry
  • Mr. Burrel
  • Mr. Thomas Barwis
  • Charles Boddam, Esq;
  • Mr. Burgh
  • Mr. Robert Brown
  • John Bullock, Esq;
  • Theobal Burke, Esq;
  • C
  • Right Hon. Lord Cochran
  • Hon. H. S. Conway, Lieut. Gen. of the Ordnance, &c.
  • John Campbell, Esq; F.R.S. Capt. in the Navy
  • John Carter, Esq; Deal
  • John Cartwright, Esq;
  • Charles Cartwright, Esq;
  • Capt. Collin
  • Alexander Craufurd, Esq;
  • Lieut. R. P. Cooper
  • Mr. Henry Crawford
  • John Henry Cochran, Esq;
  • Henry Cort, Esq;
  • William Crighton, Esq;
  • General Clerk
  • Mr. Thomas Clerk
  • Mr. Duncan Clerk
  • Capt. John Campbell
  • D
  • Rear Admiral Sir James Douglas
  • Mr. Dalrymple
  • Mr. Robert Dallas, 2 copies
  • George Dempster, Esq; 2 copies
  • Lieut. George Dawson
  • Lieut. Richard Douglas
  • Mr. Duncan Davidson
  • Major Deaker
  • Mr. Edward Downes
  • Mr. John Delaton
  • Thomas Dunkerley, Esq;
  • Stillingfleet Durnford, Esq;
  • E
  • Right Hon. Earl of Edgcumbe
  • Right Hon. Earl of Egmont
  • Right Hon. Lord Elibank
  • Sir John Elwill
  • General Ellison
  • Arthur Edie, Esq;
  • Mr. John Ewer
  • F
  • Sir Thomas Frankland, Bart. Vice-Admiral of the Red Squadron
  • Capt. Fanshaw
  • Sir Robert Fletcher, Kt.
  • Charles Ferguson, Esq;
  • Sir Adam Ferguson
  • Mr. John Finch
  • Mr. Francis Farrar
  • G
  • Right Hon. Earl of Gainsborough
  • Charles Gore, Esq;
  • Mr. John Gathorne
  • James Gordon, Esq; 2 copies
  • Mr. Arch. Gairdner
  • John Gray, Esq;
  • Alexander Geddes, Esq;
  • Mr. William Gemmell
  • H
  • Right Hon. Earl of Home
  • Right Hon. Lord Viscount Howe
  • Right Hon. Sir Edw. Hawke, K. B. first Lord of the Admiralty, &c. &c.
  • Thomas Hanway, Esq; Commissioner of the Navy
  • Capt. John Hay, of the Navy
  • Mr. Samuel Hannay, 4 copies
  • Sir Thomas Hesketh, Bart.
  • Col. Hale
  • Warren Hastings, Esq;
  • The Rev. Wm. Hirst, A.M. F.R.S. 2 copies
  • John Hope, Esq;
  • Lieut. Charles Hope
  • Capt. Horne, of the East India Company
  • Capt. Hume, of ditto
  • John Hume, Esq;
  • Mr. John Hunter, of Lisbon
  • Lieut. Edmond Hawker
  • Lieut. Harry Harmood
  • Adam Hayes, Esq;
  • Dr. Harris
  • Mr. Hall
  • Mr. Hutton
  • Lieut. Harris
  • I
  • The Court of Directors of the East India Company
  • William Innis, Esq;
  • George Johnstone, Esq; 4 copies
  • John Johnstone, Esq;
  • Mr. James Johnston
  • Lieut. Judd
  • K
  • Hon. Augustus Keppel, Rear Admiral of the blue squadron
  • Mr. Daniel Kemp
  • Mr. John Kendrick
  • L
  • Hon. Capt. Leveson
  • Sir John Lindsay, Capt. in the Navy
  • Lieut. Charles Logie
  • Francis Lucas, Esq;
  • William Lascelles, Esq; of the Inner Temple
  • Mr. S. Cousgarne Lloyd
  • Dr. Lawrence
  • Capt. Lauder, of the East India Company
  • Mr. Liddel
  • Mr. Lennox
  • M
  • Capt. Macbride, of the Navy
  • Mr. Colin Mackenzie, 2 copies
  • Mr. Majendie
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  • Richard Maitland, Esq;
  • Lieut. David Maitland
  • Lieut. James Macnamara
  • Lieut. Thomas Montagu, 2 copies
  • Edward Meadows, Esq;
  • James Montresor, Esq;
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