» » » Adventures of Two Youths in a Journey to Siam and Java With descriptions of Cochin-China, Cambodia, Sumatra and the Malay Archipelago

Adventures of Two Youths in a Journey to Siam and Java With descriptions of Cochin-China, Cambodia, Sumatra and the Malay Archipelago

Adventures of Two Youths in a Journey to Siam and Java
With descriptions of Cochin-China, Cambodia, Sumatra and the Malay Archipelago
Title: Adventures of Two Youths in a Journey to Siam and Java With descriptions of Cochin-China, Cambodia, Sumatra and the Malay Archipelago
Release Date: 2018-10-26
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Copyright Status: Public domain in the USA.
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The Boy Travellers in the Far East













Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1880, by


In the Office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington.


The favorable reception accorded to "The Boy Travellers in Japan andChina" has led to the preparation of the present book.

Frank and Fred have continued their journey under the guidance of DoctorBronson, and the plan of their travels and observation is identical withthe one they followed through the Celestial Empire and the Land of theMikado. The incidents in the narrative were mainly the experiences ofthe author at a recent date; and the descriptions of countries, cities,temples, people, manners, and customs are nearly all from his personalobservations and notes. He has endeavored to give a faithful account ofSiam, Java, and the adjacent countries as they appear to-day, and truststhat the only fiction of the book is in the names of the individuals whotell the story.

In a few instances the narrative has been slightly interrupted, in orderto introduce matters of general interest to young readers. The detailsof the progress of naval architecture and the accounts of submarineoperations, together with the wonderful adventures of Marco Polo, may beclassed as digressions. It is hoped they will meet the same welcome thatwas accorded to the episode of a whaling voyage in the first record ofthe travels of Frank and Fred.

The publishers have kindly allowed the use of some illustrations thathave already appeared in their publications relative to the Far East, inaddition to those specially prepared for this volume. The author hasconsulted the works of previous travellers in the East to supplement hisown information, and to some of them he is under obligations. Especiallyis he indebted to Mr. Frank Vincent, Jr., author of that excellent andwell-known book, "The Land of the White Elephant," not only for detailsrespecting Cambodia and adjacent regions, but for some of the admirableengravings that adorn his volume. Other authorities are credited withthe text of their work or in foot-notes to the pages where quotationsare made.

The author is not aware that any book describing Siam, Java, CochinChina, Cambodia, and the Malay Archipelago, and especially addressed tothe young, has yet appeared. Consequently he hopes that this volume willmeet with as warm a welcome as was given to "The Boy Travellers in Japanand China," by adult as well as juvenile members of many familiesthroughout the United States.

T. W. K.


CHAPTER I.Departure from Hong-kong.
CHAPTER II.Voyage to Saigon.—Arrival in Cochin China.
CHAPTER III.Historical and Descriptive.—First Sights and Scenes in Anam.
CHAPTER IV.A Wonderful Temple.—Ruins of Nagkon Wat and Angkor.
CHAPTER V.Cambodia.—Its Capital and King.
CHAPTER VI.Departure from Saigon.—Visiting a Chinese Junk.
CHAPTER VII.The Wonderful Story of Marco Polo.
CHAPTER VIII.Arrival in Siam.—First Day in Bangkok.
CHAPTER IX.Temples at Bangkok.—The Founder of Buddhism.
CHAPTER X.Ascending the Menam, from Bangkok to Ayuthia.
CHAPTER XI.Visiting the Prince of the Elephants.—Ayuthia.—Something about Crocodiles.
CHAPTER XII.Stories of Elephant-hunting.—Scenes of the Chase.
CHAPTER XIII.Bang-pa-in to Bangkok.—Studies in Natural History and Botany.
CHAPTER XIV.The King in his State Barge.—Betel and Tobacco.
CHAPTER XV.Women, Hair-cutting, and Slavery.
CHAPTER XVI.Cremation in Siam.—Trade, Taxes, and Birds.
CHAPTER XVII.Presentation to the King.—Dinner at the Palace.
CHAPTER XVIII.The White Elephant.—Visit to the Second King of Siam.
CHAPTER XIX.Leaving Siam.—Life under the Ocean Wave.
CHAPTER XX.Light under Water.—Pearl-fishing and Turtle-hunting.
CHAPTER XXI.Incidents of a Sea-voyage.—Singapore.
CHAPTER XXII.Sights and Scenes in Singapore.
CHAPTER XXIII.Crossing the Equator.—Adventure with Malay Pirates.
CHAPTER XXIV.Sumatra and its Peculiarities.—Snakes and Orang-outangs.
CHAPTER XXV.Arrival in Java.—Sights and Scenes in Batavia.
CHAPTER XXVI.Batavia to Buitenzorg.—Tropical Scenes.—Birds of Paradise.
CHAPTER XXVII.A Chapter on Political Economy.—The Dutch Culture System in Java.
CHAPTER XXVIII.Rice Culture in Java.—Military and Social Matters.
CHAPTER XXIX.A Post Ride in Java.—From Buitenzorg to Bandong.
CHAPTER XXX.Visiting a Tea Plantation.—Preparation of Tea.
CHAPTER XXXI.Eastern Java, Lombock, Timor, and the Aru Islands.
CHAPTER XXXII.Wanderings in the Malay Archipelago.—Good-bye.


Scene on the Headwaters of the Menam River
Hong kong, from Kellet's Island
Mary and Effie reading Frank's Letter
Arrival of the French Mail Steamer
Private Parlor of the "Yuen Fat Hong"
A Chinese Boatwoman
Frank's Dream
Hurricane during the Change of the Monsoon
A favoring Monsoon
Running before the Trade-wind
Rice-fields on the Mekong
A Native Woman
Street in the Chinese Quarter
Plants in the Botanical Garden
A New Acquaintance
A Mosquito of Saigon
Native Gentleman at Saigon
View of the French Quarter of Saigon
Native Soldiers at Saigon
The King of the Beggars
View of Cholon
A Chinese Family at Cholon
A Cab for Two
Cambodian Female Head-dress. Ancient Sculpture
Plan of the Temple at Nagkon
Unfinished Pillars
Columns in the Temple
Sculptures on the Walls of Nagkon Wat
View from the Central Tower of the Temple
Gallery of Sculptures
Ancient Tower overgrown with Poh-trees
Huts of the Priests
Stone with Ancient Sculptures
A Cambodian Idol
Fishing-village on Lake Thalysap
Panompin, the Capital of Cambodia
Specimen of Cambodian Gold-work
The King of Cambodia
Queen of Cambodia and Royal Children
The Harbor of Oodong, Cambodia
A Girl of Oodong
House in the Suburbs
A Chinese Junk
Outline of Modern Ship, showing Compartments
A Junk Sailor at Breakfast
Chinese River Boat
Ship of the Fourteenth Century
"The Great Harry"
The "Tennessee"
The Public Highway of the Future
The Bomb Ferry
Moonlight at Sea in the Tropics
A Story of the Sea
Marco Polo
The Great Khan delivering a Tablet to the Elder Polo Brothers. From a Miniature of the Fourteenth Century
Arms of the Polo Family
Nicolo Polo. Father of Marco
Portrait of Kublai-Khan. From a Chinese Engraving
Marco Polo's Galley in Battle
Alau shuts up the Caliph of Baudas in his Treasure-tower
Dog-headed Men of Angamanain
Medival Tartar Huts and Wagons
The Roc, from a Persian Drawing
Roc's Egg, now in the British Museum
Chinese Bank-note of the Ming Dynasty
Chinese Conjuring Extraordinary
Captain Clanchy at Work
Come to Dinner!
A Natural Shower-bath
View near Paknam
Native Hut on the Menam River
A Village Pathway in Siam
Chinese Field-laborers
General View of Bangkok
House in the Foreign Part of Bangkok
A Siamese Priest
Bird's-eye View of Bangkok
Temple of Wat Chang
Temple of the Sleeping Idol
Brass Idol in a Temple
Priests Playing Chess
Gate-way of a Temple at Bangkok
Temple of the Emerald Idol
Private Garden near Bangkok
A Siamese Forest Scene
Parasite and Palm
The Bamboo-tree
The Boat they narrowly Missed
Scene at Bang-pa-in
A River Scene
The Young Prince
Portrait of "Chang"
Macedonian Coin, with Ancient Goad
Modern Goad
A War Elephant
Near the Palace
In the Ruined City
Crocodiles at Home
Taking a Bite
The Doctor's Crack Shot
The Trochilus
Alligator and Crane
Trochilus and Crocodile
The Alligator and the Bear
Just Hatched
Coming out to Sun himself
An Elephant Fence
Form of a Corral
Beginning the Drive
Driving into the Corral
Securing the Captives
Siribeddi's Prize
The Prisoners tied up
A little Head Work
In a Heap of Trouble
Refusing to Move on
Sliding down hill
Elephant-hunting on Foot
The Hunter Hunted
Taking a Nap
Cocoa-nuts Full Grown and just Forming
The Bread-fruit
A New Kind of Fruit
Tailor-bird and Nest
A Climbing-fish
The Snake and the Squirrel
Monkeys at Home
Eagle capturing a Monkey
State Barge of the King of Siam
A Body of the Royal Guards
The King visiting a Temple
The Front of the Temple
The Tobacco-plant
Sir Walter Raleigh and his Pipe
Pipes of all Nations
Young America
The East
The West
Siamese Gentleman and Lady
A Young Prince of the Royal House, with his Attendant
Female Head-dress and Costume
Minister of Foreign Affairs
Lakon Girls
A Native Band of Music
A Siamese Theatrical Performance
Scene on a Small Canal near Bangkok
Urn containing Ashes
Jessamine Flowers
Buddhist Priest
Characters in the Procession
Haunts of Sea-birds on the Coast
Edible Swallows' Nests
Siamese Water Birds
Pheasant and Young
Court-yard of the Royal Palace at Bangkok
Chulalonkorn I., Supreme King of Siam
Prime-minister of Siam
The King of Siam in his State Robes
A Younger Brother of the King
The Hour-glass
A White Elephant worshipping the Sun and Moon. From a Chinese Drawing
White Monkey in Elephant Stables
How an Elephant Feeds
Elephants' Trunks
Elephants Drinking
Fred's Tormentor
The Second King of Siam, in State Robes
The Doctor getting Ready
Coast of Siam, near the Mouth of the River
Water-fowl of Siam
A Wreck among the Breakers
Pearl Fisher attacked by a Shark
Nests of the Water-spider
Divers in their Armor
Divers at Work
Diving over the Side of a Steamer
Coral-fishing in the Mediterranean
The Coral-worm
Cup-coral and Brain-coral
An Atoll in the Pacific Ocean
Submarine Observations
The Bellows-fish, or Angler
A Curious Home
Crabs in a Quarrel
The Sponge at Home
How Sponges are Speared
Cleopatra dissolving the Pearl
Pearl-bearing Shells
Sizes of Pearls
Pearl-fishery at Bahrein
Persian Gulf Diver
M. Jaquin's Experiment
The Bleak
The Doctor's Discovery
The Turtle at Home
On a Frail Raft
The Rescue
Haunts of the Sea-birds
In the Harbor
Boatmen at Singapore
A Chinese Contractor
Chinese Tailors at Singapore
A Group of Jacoons
Garri with a Load of Sailors
Full Dress at the Straits
Chinese Garden at Singapore
Maternal Care
Rural Scene in Singapore
Fruit-sellers at Singapore
A Bungalow
Chinese Gentleman's Garden
The God of Gamblers
Malay Boy in the Bird-market
Head of Black Cockatoo
Ejecting an Intruder
A New Type of Mankind
Klings and Chinese
Native Nurses and Children
Coaling at the Dock
Carrying Coal on Board
Servants on Duty
Scene on the Sumatra Coast
Crossing the Line on a Man-of-war
Chief's House in a Pirate Village
Harbor of Pirates
The Pirates' Victim
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