» » » Adventures of Two Youths in a Journey to Ceylon and India With descriptions of Borneo, the Philippine Islands and Burmah

Adventures of Two Youths in a Journey to Ceylon and India With descriptions of Borneo, the Philippine Islands and Burmah

Adventures of Two Youths in a Journey to Ceylon and India
With descriptions of Borneo, the Philippine Islands and Burmah
Title: Adventures of Two Youths in a Journey to Ceylon and India With descriptions of Borneo, the Philippine Islands and Burmah
Release Date: 2019-01-04
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The Boy Travellers in the Far East
















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This volume completes the series of "The Boy Travellers in the FarEast." It attempts to describe Ceylon and India, together with Borneo,the Philippine Islands, and Burmah, in the same manner that thepreceding volumes gave an account of Japan, China, Siam, Java,Cochin-China, Cambodia, and the Malay Archipelago.

Frank and Fred have continued their journey under the guidance of DoctorBronson, and the plan of their travels is identical with that previouslyfollowed. The words of the last preface may be repeated in this: "Theincidents of the narrative were mainly the experiences of the author ata recent date; and the descriptions of countries, cities, temples,people, manners, and customs are nearly all from his personalobservations and notes. He has endeavored to give a faithful account ofCeylon, India, Burmah, and the Philippine Islands as they appear to-day,and trusts that the only fiction of the book is in the names of theindividuals who tell the story."

As in the foregoing volumes, the narrative has been interruptedoccasionally, in order to introduce matters of general interest tojuvenile readers. The author hopes that the chapters on meteors,sea-serpents, and outrigger boats will meet the same welcome that wasaccorded to the episode of a whaling voyage, in the first volume, andthe digressions concerning naval architecture, submarine explorations,and the adventures of Marco Polo, in the second.

The publishers have kindly allowed the use of illustrations that haveappeared in previous publications, in addition to those speciallyprepared for this volume. The author has consulted the works of previoustravellers in the Far East to supplement his own information, and isunder obligations to several of them. As in the last volume, he isspecially indebted to Mr. Frank Vincent, Jr., author of "The Land of theWhite Elephant," for his descriptions of Burmah, and for the use ofseveral of the engravings relative to that country. Other authoritieshave been generally credited in the text of the work, or in foot-notesto the pages where quotations are made.

In their departure from Bombay, Frank and Fred have left the Far Eastbehind them; but, as they are yet a long way from home, they can hardlybe said to have finished their travels. It is quite possible that theymay be heard from again, in the company of their good friend, theDoctor, and may allow us, as they have heretofore, to glance at theirletters to friends at home.

T. W. K.


CHAPTER I.Departure from Java.—Voyage to Borneo.
CHAPTER II.An Excursion in Borneo.—Story of Rajah Brooke.
CHAPTER III.Arrival at Manilla.—First Day on Shore.
CHAPTER IV.An Evening Promenade.—Village Life near Manilla.
CHAPTER V.An Excursion to the Interior.—Buffaloes and Agriculture.
CHAPTER VI.Hunting in Luzon.—Crocodiles and Great Snakes.
CHAPTER VII.Hunting the Deer and Wild Boar.—Results of the Chase.
CHAPTER VIII.Shooting Bats and Iguanas.—Visiting the Hot Springs.
CHAPTER IX.An Excursion among the Mountains.—Return to Manilla.—An Earthquake.
CHAPTER X.From Manilla to Singapore, and up the Straits of Malacca.—A Day at Pulo Penang.
CHAPTER XI.Shooting-Stars and their Character.—A Remarkable Voyage.
CHAPTER XII.First Day in Burmah.—The Golden Pagoda.
CHAPTER XIII.A Voyage up the Irrawaddy.—Scenes on the Great River.
CHAPTER XIV.Up the Irrawaddy.—Mandalay.—Audience with the King of Burmah.
CHAPTER XV.Leaving Burmah.—Capturing a Sea-Snake.—Stories of the Sea-Serpent.
CHAPTER XVI.Arrival in Ceylon.—Cingalese Boats.—Precious Stones of the East.
CHAPTER XVII.Sights in Point de Galle.—Overland to Colombo.
CHAPTER XVIII.Sights in Colombo.—Railway Journey to Kandy.
CHAPTER XIX.Around Kandy.—Botanical Gardens and Coffee Plantations.—Adventures with Snakes.
CHAPTER XX.Travelling in Ceylon.—Encounter with a Buffalo.—From Kandy to Newera-Ellia.
CHAPTER XXI.Scenery at Newera-Ellia.—Ascent of Adam's Peak.
CHAPTER XXII.From Ceylon to India.—A Marine Entertainment.—The Story of Robinson Crusoe.
CHAPTER XXIII.Sights in Pondicherry.—The French East Indies.—Voyage to Madras.
CHAPTER XXIV.Sights and Scenes in Madras.—The Indian Famine.
CHAPTER XXV.From Madras to Calcutta.—The Temple and Car of Juggernaut.
CHAPTER XXVI.Sights and Scenes in Calcutta.
CHAPTER XXVII.Calcutta, Continued.—Departure for Benares.
CHAPTER XXVIII.Northward by Rail.—Opium Culture.—Arrival at Benares.
CHAPTER XXIX.Sights in Benares.—The Monkey Temple.—Sarnath.—Buddhism.
CHAPTER XXX.Benares to Lucknow.—Sights in the Capital of Oude.—The Relief of Lucknow.
CHAPTER XXXI.Lucknow to Cawnpore and Agra.—Taj Mahal and Futtehpoor Sikra.
CHAPTER XXXII.In and Around Delhi.—Departure for Simla and the Himalayas.
CHAPTER XXXIII.From Umballah to Simla.—Excursion among the Himalayas.
CHAPTER XXXIV.Hunting-Scenes in India.—Pursuit of the Tiger on Foot and with Elephants.
CHAPTER XXXV.From Simla to Allahabad and Bombay.—A Great Hindoo Festival.—Castes.
CHAPTER XXXVI.A Short History of India.—The Sepoy Mutiny.—Present Condition of the Army in India.
CHAPTER XXXVII.Bombay.—The Towers of Silence.—Caves of Elephanta.—Farewell to India.


An Indian Scene.
Outward Bound.
Chinese Horse-shoeing.
The British Isles and Borneo Compared.
Ascending the River.
A Fruit-store in Sarawak.
A Dyak Youth.
Scene on the River.
Leaf Butterfly in Flight and Repose.
A Floating Island.
Bridge of Bamboo in Borneo.
Remarkable Beetles in Borneo.
American Missionary Station in Borneo.
Sunset in the China Sea.
Map of the Philippine Islands.
Scene on Manilla Bay.
Coast Scene in the Philippine Islands.
Barge and House on the Pasig.
Old Bridge at Manilla.
A Manilla Dandy.
A Native Girl in Manilla.
Native Amusements.
Spanish Galleons on their Way over the Pacific.
Mouth of the Bay of Manilla.
View of Manilla from the Binondo Suburb.
A Creole in European Dress.
Spanish Metis.
Chinese Metis.
Spanish Metis of the Wealthy Class.
Palm-tree in the Botanical Garden.
Life in the Water.
Horns of the Buffalo.
Native House in the Suburbs of Manilla.
A Group of Natives of Manilla.
View on the River Pasig.
Scene on the Shore.
A Bamboo Fishing-raft.
A Stampede of Buffaloes.
Shooting a Buffalo.
A Native Plough in Luzon.
A Buffalo Yoke.
Native Wooden Plough and Yoke for Oxen.
The Comb Harrow.
Tagal Indians Cleaning Rice.
Cascade near Jala-Jala.
The House at Jala-Jala.
Stacking Rice in the Philippine Islands.
The Philippine Locust.
A Native Woman Seized by a Crocodile.
A Huge Captive.
A Wild Boar Attacked by a Boa-constrictor.
Fight with a Great Snake.
A Stag-hunt in Luzon with Horses and Dogs.
A Howling Monkey.
Deer in a Tropical Forest.
Pond Scene in Luzon.
A Pavava.
Skull of Babirusa.
Frank's Prize—a Butterfly.
Fred's Prize—the Mud-laff.
Indians Hunting Turtles' Eggs.
How a Bat Sleeps.
The Iguana.
Paul P. de la Gironiere.
The Girl with the Long Hair.
A Primitive Loom in the Philippine Islands.
The Banana.
An Alcalde and his Constable.
An Avenue of Palm-trees.
A Village Clock.
A Volcano in Repose.
Indians of the Interior.
Travelling through the Forest in Luzon.
Street Scene during an Earthquake.
Destruction of Messina in 1783.
Italian Peasants Ingulfed by Crevasses.
A Submarine Eruption.
United States War-steamer "Wateree," Stranded at Arica in 1868.
On the Way to Singapore.
Bay on the Coast of Sumatra.
Coast Scene in the Straits of Malacca.
Palm-trees in Pulo Penang.
A Suburban Cottage.
A Penang Butterfly.
A Travelling Blacksmith.
First View of the Meteor.
Explosion of the Meteor.
The Santa Rosa Aerolite.
Melbourne Aerolite.
Structure of the Texas Aerolite.
River-boats in Burmah.
Out on the Waters.
A Wreck at Sea.
A Flying-fish.
Landing on the Beach.
Creek Leading from the Rangoon River.
Great Shoay Dagon, or Golden Pagoda.
Statue of Buddha in the Golden Pagoda.
A Burmese Woman.
A Burmese Judge and his Attendants.
Burmese River Scene.
Native Fort Captured by British Troops.
Native Boat on the Irrawaddy.
Native House near the River.
Malay "Sampan," or River-boat.
A Burmese Temple.
A Composite Crew.
An Eastern Water-fall.
Monastery at Prome.
Mrs. Judson Visiting her Husband in Prison.
Mrs. Judson Teaching a Class of Native Converts.
Barracks on the Frontier.
View of Mandalay, Capital of the Kingdom of Ava, or Burmah.
Boat Drawn by a Bullock.
The Royal Palace at Mandalay.
Copy of an Old Burmese Painting.
Mountain Gorge on the Upper Part of the River.
Coast of the Andaman Islands.
Sea-snake of the Indian Ocean and Fox-shark.
Restored Fossil Reptiles of New Jersey.
Cuttle-fish Attacking a Chinese Junk.
Captain Lawrence de Ferry's Sea-serpent.
Head of Captain M'Quhae's Serpent.
Captain M'Quhae's Sea-serpent.
Outrigger Boat from Ladrone Islands.
Double Canoe, Friendly Islands.
Double Canoe, Society Islands.
Feejee Island Canoe.
American Modification of a Savage Boat.
Scene on the Coast of Ceylon.
Ruins of a Portuguese Church.
A Young Native at Breakfast.
View of the Coast near Galle Harbor.
A Street in Point de Galle.
An Army of Ants on the Move.
Entrance to the Cinnamon Gardens.
Donkey and Pack-saddle.
Gathering Cocoa-nuts.
A Young Cocoa-palm.
Nests of the Toddy-bird.
Residence of a Wealthy Foreigner.
Scene on the Coast near Colombo.
A Business Street in the "Black Town".
Moorish Merchants of Ceylon.
A Suburban Scene.
A Group of Tamil Coolies.
Cingalese Men.
Cingalese Women.
A Cheap Comb.
A Coolie at Prayers.
The Wild Forest.
Young Palms in the Botanic Garden.
Residence of a Coffee-planter.
View on a Coffee Estate.
Plantation Laborers.
Shed on a Coffee Plantation.
Pleasures of a Morning Walk.
Fight between a Hawk and a Snake.
Fight between a Black Snake and a Rattle-snake.
The Lotos Flower.
The Last of the Giants.
Tank Scene in Ceylon.
Elephants at Home.
Tying up an Elephant.
Elephants under a Banyan-tree.
A Native Treed by a Buffalo Cow and Calf.
A Dangerous Predicament.
Native House and Children.
A Tropical Fern.
Waiting for the Races.
A View in the Foot-hills.
Natives of the Forest.
Temple on Adam's Peak.
Tropical Growth near Ratnapoora.
A Morning Caller.
Evening Visitors.
Temple and Trees at Tuticorin.
A Fashionable "Hackery".
Eastern Mode of Feeding Oxen.
Part of a Hindoo Pagoda.
Robinson Crusoe.
The Shipwreck.
Landing of Robinson Crusoe.
Crusoe's Equipment.
Crusoe and his Gun.
Crusoe and his Pets.
Crusoe's Castle.
Arrival of Friday.
Portrait of the Hero.
A Sail! a Sail!
Going Ashore.
Natives in the Surf.
Scene near Pondicherry.
House in the European Quarter.
An Indian Woman.
An Indian Man.
A Serpent-charmer.
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