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Amadis of Gaul, Vol. 3 of 4.

Amadis of Gaul, Vol. 3 of 4.
Title: Amadis of Gaul, Vol. 3 of 4.
Release Date: 2016-08-30
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Transcriber's Notes: The Table of Contents is at the end of this volume.A complete list of corrections as well as other notes follows the text.

Amadis of Gaul,




Printed by N. Biggs, Crane-court, Fleet-street,



Book the Third.


So soon as King Lisuarte knew that Angriote and his nephew were sofar healed of their wounds that they could ride, he sent to bid themquit his kingdom, and not enter it again at their peril. Of this thoseKnights complained loudly to Don Grumedan and their other friends,especially Don Brian of Monjaste and Gavarte of the Perilous Valley,who said that since the King had so forgotten their past services,they would give him cause to remember the future. They then strucktheir tents and departed for the Firm Island. On the third day of theirjourney they found Gandeza in a chapel, the niece of Brocadan, she whohad concealed her lover Sarquiles where he overheard all the treason,and who had now fled for fear. Great joy had they in finding her, andabove all Sarquiles who loved her truly, and taking her with him hecontinued his way.


Grumedan and his friends after they had ridden out with the Knightsof the Firm Island on their departure, returned to Lisuarte, and toldhim what had passed. He who was already much grieved for the victoryof Angriote, not for any regret for the slain, whom he knew to be evillike their parents, but because it was a triumph to Amadis, became nowmore enraged. Forbearance, said he, is for the most part a profitablething, but at times it is the cause of great mishap, and so hath itbeen with me. If I had withdrawn my favour from these Knights, theywould not have dared say that which they have said, nor have approachedmy court, nor even entered my dominions. But they shall pay for theirfolly! I will send and defy them, and Amadis with them, and see whethertheir pride can save them. King Arban of North-Wales who truly desiredthe welfare of the King replied, Sir you should look well to thisbefore you do as you have said, because of the great valour of theseKnights and because God hath shown the justice of their cause, elsewould not Angriote, good Knight as he is, have so acquitted himselfagainst two such enemies, nor Sarquiles have so come off from Adamas.The good cause which they maintained gave them the victory; thereforeI should think it well that they returned [3]to your service, for poorprofit is it for a King to war with his subjects when he can avoid it:the blood that is shed, and the wealth that is expended on both sides,is the King's loss, and he gains no honour in victory. From such strifegreat evils often arise: the neighbouring Kings and Chiefs who hadbeen before kept in awe, take courage and recover more than they hadlost; and what is more to be feared, the vassals cease to respect theirLord, who should rule them mildly, as a good shepherd controuls hisflock; for if he oppresses them more than they can bear, it oftentimeschances, that where the first broke out the rest follow, and when thefault is at last discovered, it is difficult to amend it. Now Sir isthe time to amend what has been done amiss. Amadis is so gentle and sokindly disposed to you, that you may lightly recover him and all whofollow him. You say well, quoth Lisuarte, but I will not give them thatwhich I have already given to my daughter Leonoreta, and great as hispower may be, it is nothing to mine! so say no more, but prepare armsand horses to serve me, and let Cendil of Ganota go to-morrow and defythose of the Firm Island. In God's name! they all replied; he willappoint what seemeth good to him, and we will serve you.


You must know that Gandandel and Brocadan when they saw their sonsslain, and that they were undone in this world and in the next,receiving that due reward which such as them escape in our days, (forGod reserves them either in his mercy that they may repent, or for hisjustice, that if they continue in sin they may pay for all withoutredemption,) they took their dead sons, and with their wives andhousehold embarked in two vessels with the curses of all who beheldthem, and went their way, and this history will not mention themmore; but we may reasonably believe that they who have grown old inwickedness will die in it, unless it pleases God, more for his mercythan their deserts, to turn their hearts in time.

King Lisuarte then having assembled together all the great Lords ofhis court, and the Knights of lower degree, complained to them ofAmadis and his friends, and besought them to redress his wrongs, ashe did theirs. They all replied that they would serve him in what heshould command. He then called Cendil of Ganota, and bade him to horseand carry a letter of credence to the Firm Island, and defy Amadisfor me, and all those Knights with him who will support the cause ofDon Galvanes. Tell them to beware of me, for wherever I find [5]them Iwill destroy their lives and fortune. Don Cendil took his bidding anddeparted.

After some days the King went to one of his towns which because it wasso abundantly furnished with all things pleasant was called Gracedonia.This removal greatly pleased Oriana, for her time now drew nigh, andthis was near Miraflores, so that she thought herself safer therethan in any other place. Meantime the Knights who escorted Madasimacontinued their way, till when they were within two leagues of theFirm Island they met with two thousand and three hundred Knights whohad come out to meet them. Well were they then received, and Amadiscourteously welcomed Madasima, and embraced Angriote many times,for Florestan had sent tidings of the battle. While they were thusrejoicing they saw Don Cendil of Ganota come riding down the mountain,but he beholding so large a company and knowing that they had allforsaken the King's service, the tears came into his eyes, for he was aright loyal servant to Lisuarte. Howbeit he put on the best countenancehe could, being a fair Knight, and of great valour and discretion,and rode up to them and asked for Amadis, by whom and by the rest hewas honourably [6]welcomed as he deserved to be. Sir, said he, let thisletter be read. That being done, Amadis replied, it is your credential;now speak your embassy. Sir Amadis, quoth he, my Lord the King hathsent me to defy you and those of your lineage, and those who arehere present, and those who mean to attempt the Isle of Mongaza, andhe warns you henceforward to defend your lands and possessions andpersons, for he will destroy all if he can, and he says you may beexcused from seeking adventures in his country, for whomsoever of yehe finds there he will slay. Quadragante answered, Don Cendil you havesaid your bidding and have therein done right; but for your master whothreatens our lives and lands, let these Knights reply to him as theythink good; for me—tell him that King as he is, I regard my poor lifeas much as he can value his mighty one; that in birth I yield nothingto him, being of as royal blood on both sides as himself, and sinceI must defend myself from him, bid him defend himself from me. ButAmadis wished that a milder answer should be returned, and he said,Don Quadragante, Sir, let this Knight take one answer for you and all.We have heard the embassy, and we will take counsel how to reply; andyou, Don Cendil, may tell the King that he will find it difficult to[7]perform what he threatens. Come with us to the Firm Island meantime,and try the Arch of True Lovers, for if you atchieve it you will findbetter favour from your mistress. Sir, quoth Don Cendil, I will go withyou if it please, but of my loves you shall know nothing. They thenrode thither, but when Cendil beheld the Island, and its strength, andthe abundance of all things therein, he knew that not all the force inthe world could injure it. So Amadis took him to his home, and lodgedhim honourably, for Don Cendil was of high lineage.

The next day the Knights assembled and resolved to defy King Lisuarteby a Knight called Sadamon, who came in the company of Dragonis andPalomir. These two brethren were sons of Grasugis, King of Low Germany,by Saduva, King Perion's sister. And they and all the other sons ofCounts and Kings who were there, had brought forces there from theirfather's land, and vessels wherein to pass over to the Island ofMongaza. To this Sadamon they gave a letter of credence signed withall their names, and they said to him, tell King Lisuarte since hedefies and threatens us, to defend himself. With fair weather we shallgo against the island of Mongaza, and if he is the [8]mighty Lord hesays, we shall soon prove his strength and our own. If he replies aughtto this, answer him like a good Knight, and if God pleases we willmaintain it. Then Amadis spake with his foster-father Don Gandales andsaid, you must go from me to King Lisuarte, and without fear tell him Icare little for his defiance and less for his threats than he believes.Tell him that if I had foreseen how thanklessly he would requite myservices, I would not have encountered such dangers for his sake; forthat power and dominion wherewith he now menaces me and my friends andkinsmen hath been supported and preserved by the blood of my body.I trust in God this will be all amended, more by my power than hisinclination. But say to him that as I won for him the island of Mongazahe shall not lose it by me; nor will I ever offend him in any placewhere the Queen shall be, for the honour which she deserves. Tell himthis, and that as he desires my enmity, he shall have it in such sort,that all he now feels shall be forgotten. Don Gandales, said Agrayes,strive to see the Queen, and kiss her hand for me, and tell her to sendme my sister Mabilia, for seeing on what terms we are with the King,she should not remain in his court. At this was Amadis sorely grieved,for rather than see Mabilia [9]separated from Oriana he would have hadhis own heart taken from his breast; yet could he not gainsay, lest thesecret of his love should be discovered.

The Knights departed with Don Cendil of Ganota, ten days they rode andthen arrived at the court where King Lisuarte, knowing their errand,honourably bade them welcome, and having read their letter bade themspeak. Sir Sadamon, Sir, quoth Gandales, will deliver you the biddingof the Knights. I come with words from Amadis to you, and from Agrayesto the Queen, if it please you that I may see her. It pleases me well,replied Lisuarte, and much pleasure will she have in seeing you, foryou served her daughter Oriana well while she abode in your country,for which I thank you. Many thanks, quoth Gandales, and God knows ifI should delight to serve you, and if it troubles me to do otherwise.Lisuarte answered, I believe you. But trouble not yourself for doingthat whereto you are bound, in the service of him whom you fostered;to act otherwise would be to your shame. Then Sadamon delivered thedefiance, and when he said that the Knights expected no peace till herestored the island to

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