» » » A Cyclopaedia of Canadian Biography_ Being Chiefly Men of the Time

A Cyclopaedia of Canadian Biography_ Being Chiefly Men of the Time

A Cyclopaedia of Canadian Biography_ Being Chiefly Men of the Time
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Title: A Cyclopaedia of Canadian Biography_ Being Chiefly Men of the Time
Release Date: 2018-08-18
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Entered according to the Act of Parliament of

Canada, in the year one thousand eight

hundred and eighty-eight, by Hunter, Rose

& Co., at the department of Agriculture.





It has been too long a custom to regard as proper subjects for biographicalliterature only persons who have figured in political life. In preparingthe present work, any man or woman who has, in any conspicuous way,contributed to the moral, intellectual, industrial or political growth of thecountry, has been deemed a suitable person for these pages. To the heroismand uncomplaining industry of the men who hewed out homes in the wilderness,and little by little overcame the obstacles of nature, are we indebtednow for our thriving cities, and for our wide stretches of cultivated lands;and to omit a record of their labors, and select only for permanent recordthe deeds of those who came upon the scenes when the rugged work wasdone, would be singularly unjust. We have had, and still have amongst us,men of great genius in engineering skill, and in mechanical contrivance; andit was fitting that a brief record of their lives, and what they accomplishedfor the community, should be handed down in the history of our commoncountry. The same may be said of men prominent in every branch of commerce,of our notable divines, our eminent judges, our great lawyers, ourtalented medical men, and those who have contributed to the educationalgrowth of the country. These it was considered were worthy of place sideby side with the men who chose political careers, and have won more or lessdistinction therein. There is to be said in justification of all these records,that even the history of the man in an obscure village is a portion of thehistory of the country, and the aggregate record of “Representative Canadians”may be regarded in a young country like Canada, as a full historicalaccount, in every sense, for the period covered by the biographical matter inthe volume. Men are forever drifting down the slow stream, and most oftheir deeds like themselves, pass into oblivion; it is well while the opportunityis at hand to save as much of the record as possible for posterity.The labor, the time, and the pains spent in securing data for the sketchesherein contained have been greater than would be believed; and the more sosince accuracy of statement of fact, and the chronological order of incidents,have been so rigidly aimed at. Dates and facts have all been verifiedeither by reference to the best published authorities, or to the personsthemselves. For the most part, the call for the coöperation of the public infurnishing data for the records has been cordially responded to. As for theliterary portion of the work, no pains have been spared to make that equalto the other features. To make the volume complete in the historically“representative” sense, memoirs of the most illustrious of the dead of thiscountry will be found in its pages. The enterprise has been tedious,laborious and expensive; but if it will supply a record that the countryshould not let die; if it preserves the names of worthy men and womenwhose deeds deserve to be remembered, it surely will have well repaid thetime, the anxiety, and the pains that have been expended upon it. A workof this kind could not be else than tedious; and, therefore, since its commencement,several changes have taken place: some of the persons in itspages have died; others have passed from one office to another, and droppedfrom public places; but with these latter exceptions and some other minorones, each memoir, it is believed, will be found to be an accurate record up tothe present date.


Toronto, March, 1888.

Transcriber’s Notes can be found at the end of this eBook.


Adam, G. M., Toronto,759
Adam, L. A. S., Sheriff, St. Hyacinthe,490
Adams, Aaron A., Coaticook,376
Adams, Hon. Michael, Newcastle,230
Adams, Rev. Thomas, M.A., D.C.L., Lennoxville,403
Aikins, Hon. James Cox, P.C., Lieut.-Governor, Winnipeg,609
Aikins, William T., M.D., LL.D., Toronto,797
Alexander, Rev. Finlow, M.R.C.S., L.S.A., Fredericton,300
Allan, Hon. G. W., D.C.L., Toronto,781
Allard, Joseph Victor, Berthierville,483
Allen, Hon. John C., Fredericton,261
Allison, Charles F., Sackville,50
Allison, Charles, Yarmouth,312
Allison, David, M.A., LL.D., Halifax,719
Allnatt, Rev. F. J. B., D.D., Lennoxville,497
Alward, S., A.M., D.C.L., M.P.P., St. John,101
Amherst, Lord Jeffery,513
Anderson, Alexander, Charlottetown,54
Anderson, Captain Edward Brown, Sarnia,179
Angers, Hon. Auguste Réal, Quebec,242, 815
Angus, Richard Bladworth, Montreal,465
Antliff, Rev. J. C., M.A., D.D., Montreal,251
Archambault, Urgel-Eugène, Montreal,36
Archibald, Abram Newcomb,211
Archibald, Hon. Sir Adams Geo., K.C.M.G., D.C.L., P.C., Q.C., Halifax,164
Archibald, Peter S., Moncton,257
Archibald, John S., Q.C., D.C.L., Montreal,526
Armour, Hon. John Douglas, Judge, Cobourg,654
Armstrong, Hon. James, Q.C., C.M.G., Sorel,325
Armstrong, Rev. W. D., M.A., Ph.D., Ottawa,49
Aubrey, Rev, François Fortunat, St. John’s,586
Baby, Hon. L. F. G., Judge, Montreal,192
Badgley, Rev. E. I., M.A., B.D., LLD., Cobourg,366
Baillairgé, Chev. C. P. F., M.S., Quebec,166
Baillairgé, Louis de G., Q.C., Quebec,252, 815
Bain, James William, M.P., St. Polycarpe,603
Ball, George, Nicolet,769
Baptist, George, Three Rivers,771
Barbeau, Henri Jacques, Montreal,427
Barclay, Rev. James, M.A., Montreal,124
Barclay, Rev. John, D.D., Toronto,320
Barker, Frederic Eustace, M.A., D.C.L., Q.C., M.P., St. John,207
Barnard, Edmund, Montreal,710
Barrett, M., B.A., M.D., Toronto,160
Barry, Denis, B.C.L., Montreal,723
Baudouin, Philibert, St. John’s,582
Baxter, Robert Gordon, M.D., Moncton,103
Bayard, William, M.D., St. John,23
Bayly, Richard, B.A., Q.C., London,38
Baynes, William Craig, B.A.,371
Beaton, Alexander H., M.D., Orillia,187
Beaubien, Hon. Louis, Montreal,631
Beckwith, A. G., C.E., Fredericton,86
Beckwith, Hon. John Adolphus,88
Beek, James Scott, Fredericton,218
Begg, Alexander, Dunbow Ranch, N.W.T.,350
Bégin, Rev. Louis Nazaire, D.D., Quebec,177
Belanger, Louis-Charles, Sherbrooke,673
Bélanger, Rev. François Honoré, Quebec,274
Bell, Andrew Wilson, Carleton Place,109
Bell, J. H., M.A., M.P.P., Summerside,269
Belleau, Sir Narcisse, K.C.M.G., Q.C., Quebec,347
Benson, Rev. Manly, Toronto,59
Bentley, Hon. G. W. W., Kensington,259
Bergeron, J. G. H., B.C.L., M.P., Montreal,438
Bernier, Michael Esdras, M.P., St. Hyacinthe,595
Berryman, Daniel Edgar, M.D., C.M., A.R.S., St. John,268
Berryman, John, M.D., M.P.P., St. John,674
Berthelot, Hon. J. A., Judge, Montreal,43
Bethune, J. L., M.D.C.M., M.P.P., Baddeck,285
Bethune, R. H., Toronto,764
Bingay, Thomas Van Buskirk, Yarmouth,550, 815
Binney, Irwine Whitty, Moncton,42
Binney, Right Rev. Hibbert, D.D.,699
Blackadar, Hugh William, Halifax,706
Black, Charles Allan, M.D., Amherst,474
Black, J. Burpee, M.D., Windsor, N.S.,549
Black, Thomas R., M.P.P., Amherst,733
Black, William Tell, Windsor,808
Blair, Frank I., M.D., St. Stephen,352
Blair, Hon. A. G., Fredericton,440
Blake, Hon. E., P.C., Q.C., M.P., Toronto,690
Blanchet, Hon. Jean, Q.C., M.P.P., Quebec,431
Blanchet, Hon. Joseph Goderic, Quebec,107
Boak, Hon. Robert, Halifax,682
Boire, Louis Henri Napoleon, Three Rivers,430
Boivin, Charles Alphonse, St. Hyacinthe,646
Borden, F. W., B.A., M.D., M.P., Canning,317
Boswell, G. M. J., Judge, Cobourg,131
Botsford, Hon. Bliss, Moncton,603
Boulton, Lieut.-Col. D’Arcy E., Cobourg,769
Bourgeois, G. A., M.D., C.M., Three Rivers,766
Bourgeois, Hon. Jean Baptiste, Three Rivers,646
Bourinot, John George, LL.D., Ottawa,326
Bowell, Hon. Mackenzie, M.P., Belleville,701
Bowser, Rev. Alex. Thomas, B.D., Toronto,473
Branchaud, Moise, Q.C., Beauharnois,104
Bresse, Hon. Guillaume, Quebec,583
Bridges, Henry Seabury, Fredericton,749
Brock, Major-General Sir Isaac, K.B.,113
Brock, Rev. Isaac, M.A., D.D., Halifax,480
Brodie, Robert, Quebec,374
Bronson, Erskine Henry, M.P.P., Ottawa,153
Brooks, Hon. E. T., Judge, Sherbrooke,766
Brown, H. B., Q.C., LL.M., Sherbrooke,499
Brown, William,577
Bruce, Rev. George, B.A., St. John,202
Brymner, Douglas, Ottawa,806
Bryson, Hon. George, Senr., Fort Coulonge,470
Buchanan, Wentworth James, Montreal,744
Buller, Frank, M.D., Montreal,172
Bullock, Joseph, St. John,41
Burland, George B., Montreal,441
Burns, Rev. Robert Ferrier, D.D., Halifax,40, 815
Burrill, James, Yarmouth,716
Burrill, William, Yarmouth,720
Burwash, Rev. Nathaniel, S.T.D., Cobourg,90
Cabana, Hubert Charon, Sherbrooke,602
Cadman, James, C.E., Quebec,565
Cairns, George Frederick, Smith’s Falls,57
Cairns, Thomas, Perth,57
Call, Robert Randolph, Newcastle,121
Cameron, Allan, M.D., Collingwood,807
Cameron, Charles, Collingwood,333
Cameron, Sir Matthew, Toronto,156
Cameron, Wm., M.P.P., Sutherland River, Pictou,333
Campbell, F. W., M.A., M.D., L.R.C.P., Montreal,321
Campbell, George W., A.M., M.D., LL.D.,205
Campbell, Hon. Wm., Park Corner,473
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