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Adventures of Two Youths in a Journey to Japan and China

Adventures of Two Youths in a Journey to Japan and China
Title: Adventures of Two Youths in a Journey to Japan and China
Release Date: 2018-04-15
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Copyright Status: Public domain in the USA.
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The Boy Travellers in the Far East













Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1879, by


In the Office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington.

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To my Young Friends:

Not many years ago, China and Japan were regarded as among the barbarousnations. The rest of the world knew comparatively little about theirpeoples, and, on the other hand, the inhabitants of those countries hadonly a slight knowledge of Europe and America. To-day the situation isgreatly changed; China and Japan are holding intimate relations with usand with Europe, and there is every prospect that the acquaintancebetween the East and the West will increase as the years roll on. Thereis a general desire for information concerning the people of the FarEast, and it is especially strong among the youths of America.

The characters in "The Boy Travellers" are fictitious; but the scenesthat passed before their eyes, the people they met, and the incidentsand accidents that befell them are real. The routes they travelled, thecities they visited, the excursions they made, the observations theyrecorded—in fact, nearly all that goes to make up this volume—were theactual experiences of the author at a very recent date. In a fewinstances I have used information obtained from others, but only aftercareful investigation has convinced me of its entire correctness. I haveaimed to give a faithful picture of Japan and China as they appearto-day, and to make such comparisons with the past that the reader caneasily comprehend the changes that have occurred in the last twentyyears. And I have also endeavored to convey the information in such away that the story shall not be considered tedious. Miss Effie and "TheMystery" may seem superfluous to some readers, but I am of opinion thatthe majority of those who peruse the book will not consider themunnecessary to the narrative.

In preparing illustrations for this volume the publishers have kindlyallowed me to make use of some engravings that have already appeared in[Pg 10]their publications relative to China and Japan. I have made selectionsfrom the volumes of Sir Rutherford Alcock and the Rev. Justus Doolittle,and also from the excellent work of Professor Griffis, "The Mikado'sEmpire." In the episode of a whaling voyage I have been underobligations to the graphic narrative of Mr. Davis entitled "Nimrod ofthe Sea," not only for illustrations, but for incidents of the chase ofthe monsters of the deep.

The author is not aware that any book describing China and Japan, andspecially addressed to the young, has yet appeared. Consequently he isled to hope that his work will find a welcome among the boys and girlsof America. And when the juvenile members of the family have completedits perusal, the children of a larger growth may possibly find thevolume not without interest, and may glean from its pages some grains ofinformation hitherto unknown to them.

T. W. K.
New York, October, 1879.



A Japanese Swimming-scene. Reproduced from a Painting by a Japanese Artist
Mr. Bassett has Decided
Mary Thinking what she would Like from Japan
Overland by Stage in the Olden Time
Overland by Rail in a Pullman Car
Cooking-range in the Olden Time
Cooking range on a Pullman Car
Change for a Dollar—Before and After
Kathleen's Expectations for Frank and Fred
Effie Waiting for Somebody
Watering-place on the Erie Railway
The Course of Empire
Valley of the Neversink
Starucca Viaduct
Niagara Falls, from the American Side
Entrance to the Cave of the Winds
From Chicago to San Francisco
Attacked by Indians
Herd of Buffaloes Moving
An Old Settler
"End of Track"
Snow-sheds on the Pacific Railway
View at Cape Horn, Central Pacific Railway
Seal-rocks, San Francisco
Departure from San Francisco
Dropping the Pilot
The Golden Gate
In the Fire-room
The Engineer at his Post
The Wind Rising
Whale-ship Outward Bound
Captain Spofford Telling his Story
New Bedford
"There she blows!"
Implements Used in Whaling
Whale "Breaching"
In the Whale's Jaw
Captain Hunting's Fight
A Game Fellow
A Free Ride
Captain Sammis Selling Out
Shooting at a Water-spout
Frank Studying Navigation
Working up a Reckoning
View in the Bay of Yeddo
Japanese Junk and Boats
A Japanese Imperial Barge
Japanese Government Boat
Yokohama in 1854
A Japanese Street Scene
Japanese Musicians
Japanese Fishermen
Japanese Silk-shop
Seven-stroke Horse
Female Head-dress
The Siesta
A Japanese at his Toilet for a Visit of Ceremony
A Japanese Breakfast
Mutsuhito, Mikado of Japan
Landing of Perry's Expedition
The Last Shogoon of Japan
Third-class Passengers
Japanese Ploughing
Japanese Roller
Manuring Process
How they Use Manure
Mode of Protecting Land from Birds
Storks, Drawn by a Native Artist
Flock of Geese
Forts of Shinagawa
A Jin-riki-sha
Japanese on Foot
An Express Runner
A Japanese Coolie
Pity for the Blind
View of Tokio, from the South
Japanese Lady Coming from the Bath
Fire-lookouts in Tokio
Too Much Sa-kee
Sakuradu Avenue in Tokio
Japanese Children at Play
The Feast of Dolls ("Hina Matsuri") in a Japanese House
A Barber at Work
A Transaction in Clothes
Ball-playing in Japan
Sport at Asakusa
Spire of a Pagoda
Belfry in Court-yard of Temple, showing the Style of a Japanese Roof
Shrine of the Goddess Ku-wanon
Archery Attendant
A Japanese Flower-show. Night Scene
A Christening in Japan
A Wedding Party
Strolling Singers at Asakusa
View from Suruga Dai in Tokio
A Child's Nurse
Lovers Behind a Screen. A Painting on Silk Exhibited at the Tokio Fair
Blacksmith's Bellows
A Grass Overcoat
A High-priest in Full Costume
A Japanese Temple
A Wayside Shrine
The Great Kosatsu, near the Nihon Basin
Blowing Bubbles
Father and Children
Caught in the Rain
A Village on the Tokaido
A Party on the Tokaido
Beginning of Relations between England and Japan
Pilgrims on the Road
Threshing Grain
Peasant and his Wife Returning from the Field
A Japanese Sandal
The Great Dai-Boots
Salutation of the Landlord
The Head Waiter Receiving Orders
A Japanese Kitchen
Boiling the Pot
Frank's Inventory
How the Japanese Sleep
A Japanese Fishing Scene
"Breakfast is Ready"
Interior of a Tea-garden
The Path in Enoshima
A Group of Japanese Ladies
Specimen of Grotesque Drawing by a Japanese Artist
Bettos, or "Grooms," in Full Dress
A Japanese Loom
Artists at Work
Coopers Hooping a Vat
Crossing the River
Mother and Son
A Fishing Party
The Man they Met
Travelling by Cango
Japanese Norimon
Frank's Position
Hot Bath in the Mountains
A Japanese Bath
The Lake of Hakone
Antics of the Horses
A Near View of Fusiyama
In a Storm near Fusiyama
Ascent of Fusiyama
The Four Classes of Society
Two-sworded Nobles
A Samurai in Winter Dress
Beheading a Criminal
Japanese Court in the Old Style
Japanese Naval Officer
Japanese Steam Corvette
A Japanese War-junk of the Olden Time
A Japanese Wrestler
A Pair of Wrestlers and their Manager
The Clinch
Japanese Actor Dressed as a Doctor
The Samisen
Playing the Samisen
Scene from a Japanese Comedy.—Writing a Letter of Divorce
Scene from a Japanese Comedy.—Love-letter Discovered
Telling the Story of Bumbuku Chagama
Frank's Purchase
Japanese Pattern-designer
Fan-makers at Work
Chinese Cloisonn on Metal
Japanese Cloisonn on Metal
Japanese Bowl
Cover of Japanese Bowl
Chinese Metal Vase
Modern Japanese Cloisonn on Metal
Japanese Metal Cloisonn
Chinese Porcelain Cloisonn
Group Carved in Ivory
Japanese Pipe, Case, and Pouch
Japanese Artist Chasing on Copper
A Japanese Village.—Bamboo Poles Ready for Market
A Japanese Lady's-maid
Bride and Bridesmaid
Merchant's Family
Mysteries of the Dressing-room
Lady in Winter Walking-dress
A Girl who had never Seen a Dressing-pin
Ladies' Hair-dresser
Ladies at their Toilet
Japanese Ladies on a Picnic
Ladies and Children at Play
Flying Kites
A Village in the Tea District
Tea-merchants in the Interior
The Tea-plant
Firing Tea
Hiogo (Kobe)
The Junk at Anchor
The Helmsman at his Post
Japanese Sailors at Dinner
Junk Sailors on Duty
View from the Hotel
The Castle of Osaka
Vignette from the National Bank-notes
Imperial Crest for Palace Affairs
Imperial Crest on the New Coins
Old Kinsat, or Money-card
Vignette from Bank-note
Vignette from Bank-note
Men Towing Boats near Osaka
Mode of Holding the Tow-ropes
The Ferry-boat
The Hotel-maid
A Japanese Landscape
Dikes along the River
Night Scene near Fushimi
Women of Kioto
Ladies of the Western Capital
Restaurant and Tea-garden at Kioto
An Artist at Work
Lantern-maker at Kioto
A Japanese Archer
Temple Bell at Kioto
Reeling Cotton
Japanese Temple and Cemetery
Handcart for a Quartette
Horse Carrying Liquid Manure
The Paternal Nurse
Picnic Booth Overlooking Lake Biwa
A Maker of Bows
The Inland Sea near Hiogo
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