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Sexual Neuroses
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Title: Sexual Neuroses
Release Date: 2018-06-15
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J. T. KENT, A. M., M. D.

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Maynard & Tedford, Printers and Binders.

Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1879, by
J. T. Kent,
in the Office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington.



In presenting this little monograph to the profession,I have no apologies to offer. My onlyhope is, that the subject may be as seriously consideredas it deserves. Believing that a superabundanceof modesty has prevented facts from being dulypresented to the profession, and thinking myselfendowed with less of that desirable virtue thanothers, I can but conclude that my reputation willnot suffer from reverses such as might ensue fromelucidating theories, and maybe fancies, connectedwith such a delicate topic. But if professionalminds are stimulated to a renewed study of theseimportant phenomena, my highest anticipationswill be reached.


Introductory 5
Predisposition 11
Continence 22
Sodomy 25
Onanism 27
Masturbation 1831
Among Females 33
As a Cause of Organic Stricture 36
The Effect of upon the Neural Axis 37
Copulation 39
Social Attributes of 44
Nymphomania 46
Causes of 47
Treatment 49
Satyriasis 56
Sexual Neurasthenia 60
Treatment of 70
Pseudo-Spermatorrhœa 71
Cases of 74
Prostatorrhœa 76
Spermatorrhœa 80
Cases of 8183
Moral Effect of 90
Symptoms of 90
Spinal Congestion 92
Spinal Anæmia 94
Cerebral Sexual Neurosis 97
Clinical Illustrations 102
Local Structural Changes in Genital Organs 109
Spermal Changes 110
Sequelæ 111
Treatment 113
Of Spinal Congestion 114
Of Spinal Anæmia 117
Cerebral Sexual Neurosis 120
Dilatation of the Anus 123
Anal Plug 123
Impotence 126
Treatment of 133
Aspermatism 140




Introductory.—The term sexual presupposes thepossibility of two distinct and perfect beings, yetone is counterpart of the other, distinguished byanatomical features designated male and female;with attributes such as passion, love and reciprocaladmiration. Sexually the two beings become united,constituting plurality in unity.

The sequel of such coalescence of the sexes,or marriage legitimately considered, is copulationand reproduction of the species. The summit,or peripheral center of venereal sensibility, isfound at the genitalia, and in the male a concentrationof nerve-force conducts, as it were, toand unites at the glans penis; and division ofthe terminal nerves at this point will render erectionimpossible. In both man and beast, theonly mechanical irritation capable of exciting venerealsensibility must be at this point. Whenthe sexual centers are physiologically irritated,from peripheral or centric influences, contentment[6]is only possible (physiologically speaking) whenmale and female counterparts coalesce, or are injuxtaposition. The sexual attributes also constitutean instructive topic for study, as they become modifiedby civilization and the development of reason.The procreation of organic life is the sequel of thesexual connection. The living universe has beencalled into existence, and the perpetuation of itslife-spark is only dependent upon the contact ofsexes.

The universe, it is said by one theorist, wasevolved; by another, who depends upon the HolyBook for a guide, all living creatures were thaumaturgicallyor miraculously, and “in the twinklingof an eye,” made to exist in full form and shape.This problem will never be settled to the satisfactionof all men as long as theory and faith are atwar; and small is the prospect of peace while bothparties are redoubling in their forces annually.Then, we can but accept the situation of the humanrace, as it is, since we have no historical data of itsorigin, that are beyond controversy and that wouldbe accepted as evidence in a physiological point ofview. But we need no ponderous evidence to showthe truth of the premise, that animal life is notperpetuated except through sexual congress. Notlife only, but good and evil of every degree; vice,folly, crime; love and hate; society, social evil and[7]social good: all depend, largely, upon the sexual.It is the bond of our existence; it is the wheel ofour fortune; it is our guiding star; and it may beour loadstone to crime and premature death. Passionsleading to love, true and gentle, or jealousy,hate, revenge, murder and suicide, all hinge on circumstancesconnected, directly or indirectly, withthe sexual.

Our schools are conducted upon a foundationentirely sexual; educating each of the sexes in therole they are to pursue, with reference to exclusivenessin conduct. The girl is taught to pursue onlysuch vocations, practices and manners as arebecoming to her sex; the boy, on the other hand,is instructed not to enact girlish capers, but to pursuemasculine vocations, from the childish toys tosettled, adult labors. This all means nothing butdistinctive development of the sexes.

The sexual enters our every-day lives, fromchildhood up; it governs our development; it modulatesthe voice, the build, the dress, the hair, thefashion of wearing the dress, and even the gait.In all this we can but observe the worship of thesexual; though obscure, yet every manifestation ofhuman existence points to it. The good people ofthe earth profit by the grand and noble sexual unityin the marital existence, and by the pure, socialrelations, and chaste affections of the unmarried;[8]but these are but a small part of humansociety. The masses express their worship for thesexual by debauch, dissipation, vice and crime.The common saying, whenever suicide or murderhas been committed, that “woman was at the bottomof it,” might just as well read, “man was at thebottom of it;” as without the one, where would theother have been?

It is the bad use of noble agencies that often constitutesvice. Nothing ignoble, was intended bythe Great Designer, should grow out of the sexualprivileges, and when nobly appreciated, for moralbeings a greater happiness or pleasure has not beeninstituted. But by long prostitution of these privileges,vices have originated; beliefs have beenestablished; customs have been founded; even religionshave been constructed and modified to suit thewishes of designing “sexualists,” “free-thinkers,”Mormons, etc. Occasionally, dissatisfied membersof one sex will establish an innovation, or a revolutionarycommotion, demanding rights which theyclaim have been usurped from them, and sometimesthirsting for prerogatives belonging to theopposite sex. They agitate their cause until theirisolated followers establish societies and churches,effecting discord in families, and no good to theworld in general, and for themselves an unenviablereputation. Such individuals are often advocating[9]reforms; temperance, charity, etc.; but when goodcomes out of one, evil grows out of ten. They oftentake a decided stand against the opposite sex, andwhen their true history is known, it will be oftenfound that they have been suffering from unrequitedlove, disappointment in matrimony, deception insociety, misplaced confidence, illegitimate pregnancy,etc.; or, they are phlegmatic and passionless;or, hermaphrodites; or wanting in some ofthe sexual appendages necessary to constitute aperfect man or woman. Then, without the completesexual system, harmoniously balanced, all isimperfect.

My purpose in dwelling so much upon thesemixed relations and disappointments, has been moreespecially to fully expose the predisposing causes ofneuroses and more essentially of the sexual variety.As I shall labor to show that neurosis is the conditionthroughout our list of sexual diseases, and thatall the foregoing changes, excesses and defects,depending upon the sexual, are more or less influentialin predisposing human beings to brain andspinal cord disease. No person, so well as thephysician, will comprehend, after once meditatingupon this theme, the necessity for thorough studyand a more rational understanding of the sexual.Medical writers, with one or two exceptions, haveonly ventured now and then an isolated paragraph,[10]and left the physician to draw his own conclusion.Among the aboriginal tribes, the sexual appetite isand has always been indulged ad libitum; not onlyin the natural manner, but in every conceivableway, without noticeable harm to the organs themselves,or to the nervous system. In a lesserdegree this is true of slaves, sailors and peasantry,and the lower orders of civilization. Sexual endurancediminishes in proportion to the advancementin civilization and intellectual culture. A long-culturedfamily can not sustain, in sexual indulgence,what to the uncivilized would be a matter of indifference.

Sexual intercourse, when not contra-indicated,may relieve nervous tension and produce sleep in amoderately feeble individual; but on the otherhand, if carried to excess, it may produce nervoustension, wakefulness, headache and exhaustion.There are no definite rules to regulate the sexualappetite, more than the stomach for food.

The evils of sexual intemperance are temporary,and if recent, quickly recoverable by rest only.

Says Dr. Briggs, of New York, “The sexualsystem is notoriously the seat of excitement anddepression from psychical and mental influences.It is under the control of the sympathetic nerves,and influenced by the solar flexus. Much of thepeculiar sensibility experienced in this part of the[11]body is directly referable to the mind and imagination:the manifestations are controlled by the sympatheticnerves, from the impulse given in thismanner. But the mind and will, however intense,have little power over the sexual functions, exceptthrough this medium. The emotions are superior.”

Predisposition.—The innate or uncaused condition,which is so commonly found among the young,is quite likely congenital and constitutional. Thereis evidently structural malformation in the neuroglia,or nerve cells proper, which predisposes the childto sexual excitement. This may not be derived fromthe immediate parent, but far back. In the third orfourth generation, debauchés may be found. Licentiousparents commonly predispose their children tomorbid sexual desires; and what evidence have wethat structural changes do not exist in or about thenerve centres that preside over the sexual functions,and that such changes are not constitutional? Then,with this structural change as a predisposition, theleast cause will set the sexual centers into a blaze ofexcitement. They who are predisposed by manygenerations, show upon their faces the lines ofcoarse breeding; that they are the offspring of debauchés;congenital degradation; not but these conditions,under favorable circumstances, may be overcome,by rigidly cultivating opposite nerve centers;but such opportunities are seldom presented, andwhen presented seldom embraced.


Circumstances are also to be considered as havinga bearing upon the sexual “ups and downs” of ourhuman career. With a predisposing sexual cause,a downfall may occur under circumstances lessseductive in character than when no

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