Down the Snow Stairs; Or, From Good-Night to Good-Morning

Down the Snow Stairs; Or, From Good-Night to Good-Morning
Title: Down the Snow Stairs; Or, From Good-Night to Good-Morning
Release Date: 2018-06-29
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Copyright Status: Public domain in the USA.
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The cover image was modified by the transcriber to add the title and author and is placed in the public domain.


The Two Ways.



Author of “Margery Merton’s Girlhood,” etc., etc.



I. Christmas Eve 1
II. Kitty and Johnnie 17
III. Down the Snow Stairs 34
IV. Naughty Children Land 48
V. “To Daddy Coax’s House” 67
VI. Daddy Coax 85
VII. On the Other Side of the Stream 112
VIII. Pictures in the Fog 122
IX. Love Speaks 151
X. In the Wood 162
VXI. Kitty Dances with Strange Partners 177
XII. “Eat or Be Eaten” 192
XIII. Play-Ground, and After 206
XIV. “I and Myself” 215
XV. Was it Johnnie’s Face? 229
XVI. At the Gate 242



The Two Ways Frontispiece.
Restless Kitty 1
Johnnie and His Art Treasures 5
The Snow-Man 16
Down the Wide Staircase 16
Kitty’s Tears 22
Sliding Down the Balusters 28
The Snow-Man Visits Kitty 35
Following the Snow-Man 39
The Drollest Creature 40
Kitty and the Elf 45
Broken Toy Land 49
A Dismal Chorus 51
“A black creature glared at her” 54
A Disagreeable Acquaintance 56
Little Cruel-Heart 61
A Good Fight 64
The Song of the Sillies 69
“I am not vain” 73
A Jam-Tart Too Many 78
Kitty and Daddy Coax 87
VIIA Lively Wig 89
Sweetening the Fury 95
All Jam and No Powder 98
Little Spitfire 100
The Fight for the Flute 108
The Shadow of the Rod 111
“Peering out of the mist” 114
The White-Robed Stranger 119
Entangled in the Web 123
The Tramp of Weary Feet 126
Ice-Children 130
The Right One to Kick 133
A Hard Lesson 139
“Oh, to be hungry again!” 141
Faces! Faces!—a World of Faces! 145
The Cry for the Kiss 152
Kitty’s Guardian Child 155
Kitty’s Naughty-Self Goblin 161
The Hanging Dwarf 166
Goblin Sloth 169
“Real yawning” 172
“At one bound she sprang across” 176
The Frog-Like One 178
Step, Wriggle, and Bow 181
The Little Courtiers 185
Kitty’s Musings 188
Apple-Pie Corner 193
VIIIThe Boy with the Suetty Voice 199
Struggling Onward 204
I and Myself 217
Mr. Take-care-of-himself 220
“A cripple like Johnnie” 226
A Merry Game 232
The Goblin Crew 236
Out of the Mist 241
At the Locked Gate 244
The Mist of Punishment Land 248
Home Again 251
“It is a secret” 254



Toss! toss! from one side to the other; stillKitty could not sleep.

The big round moon looked in at the window,for the curtain had not been drawn, and it madea picture of the window on the wall opposite,and showed the pattern on the paper; nosegaysof roses, tied with blue ribbon; roses and knotsof blue ribbon; like no roses Kitty had everseen, and no blue ribbon she had ever bought.

2Toss! toss! toss! she shut her eyes not tosee the picture of the window on the wall orthe roses and the blue ribbon, yet she couldnot go to sleep. It was always toss! toss!from one side to the other.

It was Christmas Eve, and outside the worldwas white with snow.

“It had been a dreadful day,” Kitty said toherself. “The last nine days had been dreadfuldays, and this had been the dreadfulest ofall.”

Her brother Johnnie was very ill; he wassix years old, just two years younger than herself;but he was much smaller, being a tinycripple. Next to her mother Kitty loved himmore than anybody in the whole world.

All through those “dreadful” nine days shehad not been allowed to see him. She hadmany times knelt outside his door, and listenedto his feeble moan, but she had not been permittedto enter his room.

That morning she had asked the doctor ifshe could see Johnnie, as it was Christmas Eve.The doctor had shaken his head and patted3her hair. “He must not be excited; he is stillvery ill. If he gets better after to-night—then—perhaps!”he said.

She had overheard what he whispered toNurse. “To-night will decide; if he pullsthrough to-night.”

All day Kitty had thought of those words.

“To-night, if he pulls through to-night.”What did they mean? did they mean thatJohnnie might die to-night?

She had waited outside Johnnie’s room; buther mother had said, “No; you cannot go in;”and Nurse had said, “You will make Johnnieworse if you stand about, and he hears yourstep.”

Kitty’s heart was full of misery. “It wasunkind not to

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