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Confidential Chats with Girls

Confidential Chats with Girls
Title: Confidential Chats with Girls
Release Date: 2018-07-20
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Confidential Chats with Girls










Author of
“Plain Facts on Sex Hygiene,” “Confidential Chats with Boys,”
“Facts for the Married”


New York
Edward J. Clode

Copyright, 1911, by



I. How to Develop into Womanhood 3
II. A General Chat 14
III. The Disorders of Menstruationand General Health 32
IV. The Care of the Skin and Complexion 51
V. Nerves and the Nervous Girl 76
VI. How to Get Will Power 89
VII. How to Keep Attractive 99
VIII. Some Don’ts 115


The American girl from fourteen to eighteenyears of age has been sadly neglected in themost important and necessary part of hereducation.

Knowledge of unessentials and nursery physiology,along with a smattering of academicteachings, have held her apart from a true appreciationof her real value to herself andhumanity. Physical exercise and moral admonitionhave been given her, but not advice norinstruction which was based upon the properfoundation—sex development.

Details of sex hygiene have been kept fromher, and these, with the care of woman’s greatestjewel, maternal possibilities through a perfectsex growth, have all been left to chanceand too often sad experience.

The girl is no longer completely protectedby the old home influences. To-day she is outin the world alone, struggling for herself andfrequently for others. The high-school girlseems to be left in the same whirlpool ofmoving men and things, and just now there areunpleasant revelations of the fact that she[viii]needs care and instruction more than her workingsisters.

I have seen in private and hospital practicethousands of girls whose health was ruinedfor life through ignorance or false ideas concerningsex activities. The land is crowdedwith suffering wives and broken-down girlswhose woeful conditions are due entirely toignorance of sex hygiene and how to mentallyand physically care for their sex development.

If I can, by my humble efforts, stop thefuture mothers from suffering, worry and illhealth, from bringing their daughters up in astate of criminal prudery, I shall be proofagainst the slings and arrows of the fast-disappearingSHAM.

In these CONFIDENTIAL CHATS Itell in plain language and facts the things that,had they been told to the girls of the lastgeneration, would have saved untold misery.

It is a pity that the facts and instructionwhich should come from a mother and a father(due quite largely to their own ignorance),must be sought elsewhere, but this being so,I intend that these Chats shall supply whatprudery and ignorance have denied the girlsof to-day.

William Lee Howard, M.D.




The little buds on the rosebushes seen inthe warm spring days and which later on inthe early summer open to become the beautifulflowers, are controlled and governed in theirdevelopment by the same laws of Nature thatcontrol your development from the little girl toa budding girl, and then into the full blossomingwoman.

Every living thing upon this earth is givenlife, growth and development under laws thatare the same for the girl, the woman, theflowers, the fishes, the little birds. The supremePower which controls us and every living beinghas so regulated the way man, beasts, birds,fishes and even flowers are kept on the earthfor the increase and progression of the world,that by a plain understanding of these lawswe can live and produce better and better menand women from generation to generation.


If you will carefully think the matter over,you will soon realize that every living thingaround us is the result of the mating of themale with the female. Roses marry and havelittle children just the same as a man andwoman. The little pussy willow, which so earlyin the spring sends out its little babies infurry buds, had been married to a willow manthe year before. The sweet grapes you eatin the autumn are the “fruit of the marriage”between a male grape and a female grape—thatis, the seeds. The little chicks hoveringand hiding around the proud mother hen havefor their father the crowing cock.

Here is a good example of this absolutelaw of the supreme Power. If you take afew chickens, all females, and keep them shutup until they are young hens with no roosterever disturbing their happiness, you can neverhatch chicks from the eggs of these hens. Youmay put these eggs under a setting hen andshe may sit there until the hens’ doomsday andno life is possible in these eggs. Now at thesame time shut up chickens with a rooster, andwhen these chickens have grown to be hens youwill be able to hatch chicks from their eggs.If you take the eggs from your first lot of hensand in a dark room examine their eggs, by theaid of a candle, you will see only a clearegg. Now if you take an egg from the lot[5]of hens who have had the rooster for companionshipand hold it up to a candle, in adark room, you will be able to see a tiny blackor brown spot about the size of a pin’s head.This is the vital spot, the male seed which,upon entering the vital principle of the femaleegg, at once begins to develop into a chick.Three weeks under the warm body of the settinghen causes the development of the chickfrom this tiny spot.

The little black spots you see in a mass of“frog spittle” are the vitalizing—the life-giving—seedfrom the bullfrog. These maleseeds lie in the mass thrown out by the femalefrog. Placed in some quiet pool of warmwater, warmed by the sun, the hatching goeson until the pollywogs are born. It is thesame with the fishes, the turtles—every livingthing—the male seed must enter the eggs of thefemale before life commences. The playfulpuppies, the fuzzy kittens, the butterflies, thebees are all brought to life by the sameprinciple.

Always keep in your mind that no matterwhat the different ways of mating are, how thelittle flower children are born, how the puppiesgrow before birth and then come into theworld; they all are God’s creations and madeaccording to His laws. So being made accordingto God’s laws, and we as human beings[6]having absolutely nothing to do with these laws,but are controlled by them, there can be nothingwrong, indelicate or shameful in knowing allabout these matters.

In fact, before we can have full reverence forGod and obey His laws, we must understandand know them, what they mean to us, howwe are punished and warned for disobeyingthese laws and the fearful results followingthe abuse of our bodies and minds throughignorance of what our bodies require and Goddemands.

As I have told you, every living thing, fromflowers up to babies, is produced by the meetingof the male seed with that of the femaleseed. Every female, flower or woman, has aplace to keep and hold these seeds until theyhave grown to be babies of some kind.

Take the roses for example. When thebig rose gets fully grown in the latter partof the summer, the little yellow dust you seein the center is the male seed. Botanists callthese male flower seeds the pollen. At aboutthe same time that the male rose is “goingto seed” the female rose is ready to takethis pollen into her receptacle. This male seedis carried to the female rose’s womb, the nameof the organ in all females where the twokinds of seed meet and then grow into children.


The seed is carried into the rose’s womb bythe wind, insects and birds. When it is oncedeposited, the rose’s womb closes tightly, andthere the seeds of the two sexes remain andgrow until in the spring you see the littlebabies in the buds. These gradually grow,as you know, from the little colorless buds tothe small pink ones, and when the warm summer-timecomes they burst open to become full-grownmale or female flowers, and in the autumnthese marry and the next spring become fathersand mothers themselves.

It is the same throughout all Nature. Nothingcan become a living thing except througha marriage of the male with the female.

Let us take the little birds for anotherexample. This will show you how the youngbird comes from an egg and is born almost thesame way that you and I were born—comingfrom an egg—for this is just what did occurin our case.

The female birds, and all female animals,have what we call ovaries, from the Latinovum, meaning egg. These ovaries are placed,in the birds and all animals, in the deep regionof the groin, above the womb in the animalswhich keep the eggs inside of themselves untilthe babies are born. Of course, the birds,fishes and all their kind, do not have a realwomb, for the eggs are laid outside of their[8]bodies in a nest of some kind. This nest outsidecorresponds to the nest—the womb—insideof the higher animals.

All eggs are formed in the ovaries; this iswhat the ovaries are for, and at first theyare tiny little spots seen only through a microscope.At certain times, like the mating time ofthe birds, these eggs drop down from the ovaries,ready to meet the male seed. When this isaccomplished the eggs at once begin to puton their shells, which, of course, are only toprotect the little growing birds while the mothersits upon the eggs. As soon as the shell isformed the eggs are deposited in the nest, andhere the patient mother sits and waits for thelittle ones to grow until ready to come out andsee the wide world.

Then comes the pretty sight of the motherand father flying back and forth from thenest, carrying some big worm or bug to feedthe hungry and crying babies. Both father andmother work like Trojans to keep the stomachsof their little children filled, and if you willwatch a pair of robins trying to feed theirnestful of children, you will say that they arethe greediest little things you ever saw.

And they have to be kept crammed withworms and bugs, because their growth is rapidand they must get strength enough to fly andtake care of themselves before cold weather[9]comes and to get away from cats, snakes andother animals which want them for food.

And is it not a wonderful fact to contemplatewhen we know that these little birds willfly a thousand miles to a warm climate forthe winter, and will fly the thousand mileson their return in the spring and find their oldtree, limb and identical spot where their oldhome was? If these little birds are watchedover by such wonderful laws, what must be thecare, laws and rules by which we are governed?

As the little birds come from a shell, afterbeing developed through the warmth of themother’s body, just so do we, after lying inour mother’s nest—the womb—come to be born,after we have been warmed and developed fornine months. So you see that what I saidabout the laws of God being the same for everyliving thing is the absolute truth.

The Springtime of the girl is when she commencesto have her eggs form in theovaries and drop into her womb. She commencesto bud at about the age of fourteenyears, and like the delicate buds of the flowers,if care is not taken to protect her growth, ill-healthfollows and she may so ruin herselfthat, when she marries, she is unable to be amother.

While it takes only one spring

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