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Doctor Rabbit and Ki-Yi Coyote

Doctor Rabbit and Ki-Yi Coyote
Title: Doctor Rabbit and Ki-Yi Coyote
Release Date: 2018-07-20
Type book: Text
Copyright Status: Public domain in the USA.
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Copyright, 1918
By Rand McNally & Company

Todu and Woddy Boy

[Pg vii]


Doctor Rabbit Gets a Call1
In Fear of Ki-Yi Coyote8
The Holes Under the Trees13
Doctoring Billy Rabbit17
Ki-Yi Coyote Chases Doctor Rabbit21
Doctor Rabbit Gets a Scare27
Doctor Rabbit and Jack Rabbit Escape32
Ki-Yi Coyote Watches for Doctor Rabbit38
Doctor Rabbit Calls on Chatty Squirrel44
Fooling Ki-Yi Coyote49
Ki-Yi Coyote Chases Doctor Rabbit53
Doctor Rabbit Has a Scheme59
The Little Creatures of the Woods Are Excited64
Doctor Rabbit Talks with Big Dog Yappy70
Doctor Rabbit Talks with Jack Rabbit77
Old Uncle Owl Gives Good Advice83[Pg viii]
Yappy Chases Ki-Yi Coyote89
Ki-Yi Coyote’s Strange Hiding Place95
Catching Ki-Yi Coyote100
The Little Creatures of the Woods Are Happy Again103

[Pg ix]


“Suppose Mr. Coyote should get after me!”1
“Good day, Mr. Coyote, I have to be going!”28
“Sakes alive!” Mr. Squirrel exclaimed. “How did you find out?”46
Dr. Rabbit ... was certainly tickled about something60
Mr. Jack Rabbit began to dance a little jig of joy80
He ran straight for Mr. Farmer’s corn-crib96

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[Pg 1]

“Suppose Mr. Coyote should get after me!”



Doctor Rabbit lived in the very biggesttree in the Big Green Woods. He lookedafter all the other rabbits when theywere ill and he doctored quite a numberof the other little creatures of the BigWoods too, when they did not feel well.He was so jolly and cheerful, alwaystrying so hard to help others, that hehad a great many friends.

Doctor Rabbit said when he came tolive in the Big Green Woods he didn’thave the least idea that he would have somany adventures. “But then,” he saidone day as he curled his mustache, “it’s[Pg 2]a good thing I have so many adventures.They make me take plenty of exercise,and that’s fine for my constitution.”What he meant by this was that exercisekept him in good health.

I said Doctor Rabbit looked after someof the other creatures when they were ill.But there were some he did not dare gonear. Well, I should say not! For instance,there was Ki-yi Coyote, who livedout on the Wide Prairie just outside theBig Green Woods. No, Doctor Rabbitnever went near Ki-yi Coyote. And ifold Ki-yi had been ill and if all his relativeshad been so ill they never againwould be able to get out of bed, DoctorRabbit would not have cared at all.No indeed, he would have been glad ofit, because Ki-yi Coyote and all his relatives,who lived far away, were readyany time to gobble up Doctor Rabbit.

[Pg 3]Now, one fine morning in spring DoctorRabbit began to have trouble with Ki-yi.On this morning Doctor Rabbit arosefrom his bed very early and prepared afine breakfast for himself. He cookedsome nice new potatoes and green peashe had found in Farmer Roe’s garden.After he had eaten his breakfast he hadto wash the dishes because there wasn’tanybody else to do it. You see, he livedall alone in the big tree. He didn’tlike to wash dishes but he did it anyway.Then he put on his second best pair ofglasses and went out in his front yard toget some fresh air and see if his neighbor,Blue Jay, was up.

There was a very good reason why hewanted to know whether Blue Jay wasup. Just now Doctor Rabbit was greatlytroubled. Now, what do you supposehe was troubled about? Why, word had[Pg 4]been brought the night before that BillyRabbit, the small son of Jack and Mrs.Jack Rabbit, who lived far out on theWide Prairie, was ill. Blue Jay hadcome flying in to tell the news. He saidMrs. Jack Rabbit told him if Billy wasnot better by morning Doctor Rabbitwould simply have to cross the WidePrairie even if it was dangerous.

Now Doctor Rabbit was a cottontailrabbit, so of course he couldn’t run fasterthan any other cottontail. He could notrun anything like so fast nor so far ascould Jack Rabbit. So Doctor Rabbitwas greatly troubled this morning. Hecould not sit still, but kept walkingslowly round and round in his frontyard. As he walked round and round hesaid to himself, “I’ve never been so farout on the open Wide Prairie as JackRabbit’s. Suppose I should go away out[Pg 5]there to see little sick Billy and Ki-yiCoyote should get after me! Goodnessgracious! He would be almost sure tocatch me.” Doctor Rabbit trembled alittle and looked all around even thoughhe was right in his own dooryard. Hevery much hoped he would not be calledto go so far out on the Wide Prairie.

But what he feared happened. Verysoon Jack Rabbit came running fast, andflying right along with him came BlueJay. Busy Blue Jay generally knowseverything that is happening.

Jack Rabbit walked straight up toDoctor Rabbit and, bowing politely, said:

“I’m so glad I found you at home,Doctor. My son Billy is no better. Infact, he is much worse, and we aretroubled about him. Can’t you run overand see him right now?”

For a moment Doctor Rabbit did not[Pg 6]know what to say. He feared Ki-yiCoyote, but at the same time he hatedto think of Billy Rabbit’s being so illwith no one there to make him well.He thought and thought. Finally hesaid:

“Of course, Friend Jack Rabbit, I shalltry to get over to see your son. But asyou know, it’s very dangerous for mebecause I can’t run more than half as fastas you can. Now what could we do ifold Ki-yi Coyote should happen to getafter us?”

Friend Jack Rabbit scratched his headand said he hadn’t thought about that.It was a very serious matter, too. Forsuppose Ki-yi Coyote should gobble upgood Doctor Rabbit! Then what wouldthe woods creatures do? They mustcertainly plan some means of going insafety.

[Pg 7]“Say!” said Doctor Rabbit suddenly,“I’ve thought of a plan. I’ll just rideon your back and we’ll get there in notime!”

But Friend Jack Rabbit scratched hishead again. He wasn’t sure he couldcarry Doctor Rabbit, because the Doctorwas very portly—that is, he was prettyfat and heavy. But anyway he agreedto try the plan. So Doctor Rabbit hurriedinto his house and put on his bestpair of gold glasses and his best clothes.He always liked, he said, to look his bestbefore his patients. Then with his medicinecase in hand he sprang upon JackRabbit’s back.

“See how fast you can run to the edgeof the Big Green Woods. That will bea good test!” shouted Doctor Rabbit,and Jack Rabbit answered, “Very well.If you’re ready I’ll try!”

[Pg 8]


Just as Jack Rabbit started for theedge of the Big Green Woods with DoctorRabbit on his back, Blue Jay flew alongahead of them. Then came Robin-the-Red,whistling Red Bird and others.They had never seen Doctor Rabbit ridebefore and they all laughed and shoutedat the funny appearance he made.

Away went Jack Rabbit as fast as hecould for the edge of the Woods.

“This is fine!” cried Doctor Rabbit.“Keep it up, Jack Rabbit, and we’ll beat your house in a jiffy!”

“Ha! ha! ha!” laughed Blue Jay andthe others as they flew along near theground watching them. “Look at DoctorRabbit in his new automobile! Lookat him!” they shouted. Then they all[Pg 9]laughed again. As they raced alongStubby Woodchuck came out of his houseto see the funny sight, and so did CheepyChipmunk and Chatty Red Squirrel andFrisky Gray Squirrel and many others.

They all wondered if Jack Rabbitcould hold out carrying Doctor Rabbit sofar. They thought he must be mightystrong if he could. But when he reachedthe edge of the woods he stopped andsaid he would have to give it up. Helay down and panted for a while. Byand by he said he hadn’t the least ideathat Doctor Rabbit was so heavy. Indeed,he said it seemed as if he was carryinga house on his back by the time hereached the edge of the woods.

Then they talked the matter over anddecided they would both walk—or runif they had to. Doctor Rabbit was agood deal worried. He looked out across[Pg 10]the Wide Prairie and saw how far it wasto Jack Rabbit’s little house. How hedid hate to start! Then he had an idea.He saw several small trees out on thePrairie some distance apart. “Say! JackRabbit,” said he, “I wonder if there areany holes among the roots of those treesso I could ‘hole up’ [he meant run intoa hole] if I had to. I mean if Ki-yiCoyote should get after us.”

“Sure enough!” cried Jack Rabbit.“The rain has washed bare the top rootsof every one of those trees and there aretwo or three holes under every tree!”

Doctor Rabbit looked very straightat Jack Rabbit and said, “Now areyou right sure about that?”

“Yes, I am sure,” Jack Rabbit said;“as sure as anything. It happens thatI was at every one of those trees justyesterday and I sniffed and snuffed[Pg 11]round every one of those holes. I didn’tgo into any of them for I don’t like to gointo holes. But those holes are certainlythere. And if Ki-yi Coyote should getafter us when we get pretty well out onthe Prairie, you could make for a treeand I’d let him chase me. I’m notmuch afraid of him because I’ve runaway from him many a time.”

“All right,” agreed Doctor Rabbit.“We’ll go straight for the first tree.When we get there we’ll look all aroundfor the least sign of slinky Ki-yi, and ifwe don’t see anything we’ll move on tothe next tree.”

“Sure thing,” Jack Rabbit said; “thatwill make you as safe as anything.” Sothey started out. As they hurried alongJack Rabbit said:

“When we leave the last tree we’llhave only a little way to go to my home.[Pg 12]It’s just a little farther on beside an oakfence post.”

So they kept going, hoppity, hoppity,hop. And as they went Doctor Rabbit’scourage rose little by little. After all,thought he, perhaps Ki-yi Coyote wouldnot see them.

Even so, he kept a sharp eye out foranything that might be moving in thegrass. And he told Jack Rabbit to dothe same.

“Indeed I will, sir,” Jack Rabbitanswered. “I always do look out. Ishould say I do! And if Ki-yi Coyotestarts up I’ll see him quick as a flash!”

Then they hurried a bit faster becauseDoctor Rabbit said he wanted to get tothe first tree and examine the holes forhimself.

[Pg 13]


Doctor Rabbit and Mr. Jack Rabbitmoved across the Wide Prairie andlooked about them in every direction.There was a great deal of bunch grasson the Wide Prairie, and this made themvery nervous. They knew how easy itwould be for Ki-yi Coyote to hide behindone of those bunches of grass until aninnocent rabbit came very near.

Doctor Rabbit stopped and said, “Ireally believe we should keep just as faras possible from every bunch of grass.”Then he jumped backward, because hesaw something moving in the grass.But it proved to be nothing but a sunflower;so they walked on.

By and by they came to the first tree,and how glad they were! Doctor Rabbit[Pg 14]went into the hole there to look about.After a little

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