» » » Graham's Magazine, Vol. XXXVI, No. 1, January 1850

Graham's Magazine, Vol. XXXVI, No. 1, January 1850

Graham's Magazine, Vol. XXXVI, No. 1, January 1850
Author: Various
Title: Graham's Magazine, Vol. XXXVI, No. 1, January 1850
Release Date: 2018-08-19
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Drawn and Engraved by W. E. Tucker

Engraved expressly for Graham’s Magazine by W. E. Tucker

Engraved expressly for Graham’s Magazine by W. E. Tucker


Vol. XXXVI.      January, 1850.      No. 1.

Table of Contents

Fiction, Literature and Articles

The Young Artist: Or The Struggle for Independence
Alice Lisle
Mary Norrice
A Monticello Day
The Life of Major-General Richard Montgomery
A Mere Act of Humanity
The Rumseys
About Critics and Criticism
Caius Marius Amidst the Ruins of Carthage
Gems From Moore’s Irish Melodies. No. I.—The Meeting of the Waters
The Captives. A Tale of the American Revolution
Taking Tea Sociably
The Revealings of a Heart
The Belle of Newport
The Advocate of Love
The End Of Romance
Colored Birds.—The Golden Oriole
Wild-Birds of America
Editor’s Table
Review of New Books

Poetry, Music, and Fashion

The Motherless
We Are Dreamers All
Death of the Patriarch
The Birth of the Year
The Two Palms
King Witlaf’s Drinking Horn
Stanzas: To a Friend, Who Complained of Winter as a Season of Endurance
The Light of Life
The Telegraph Spirit
Song.—The Congratulation
The Lone Grave-Yard
The Poet
The Coquette’s Vow
I’m Dreaming Now
The Orphan
Leaves in October
The Emigrant Child
Lament of the Hungarian Father
The Phantom Voice
Le Follet
Sadness Makes Thee Sweeter

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JANUARY, 1850, TO JUNE, 1850.

Alice Lisle. By Caroline H. Butler,12
A Monticello Day. By Alfred B. Street,19
“A Mere Act of Humanity.” By Grace Greenwood,36
About Critics and Criticism. By Edgar A. Poe,49
An Essay on American Literature and its Prospects. By Mrs. M. A. Ford,184
A Reception Morning. By F. E. F.197
A Gale in the Channel. By C. J. Peterson,297
A Love Story of the Prairies. By J. M. Legare,320
Buoudlemonte. By Joseph A. Nunes,188
Bass and Bass Fishing. By Frank Forester,408
Clifdon. By Annie Drinker,356
Dante’s Divina Commedia. By H. W. Longfellow,351
Fanny Day’s Presentiment. By Marie Roseau,143
Freaks of the Pen. By George R. Graham,164
Fanny. By Caroline H. Butler,258
Gems from Moore’s Irish Melodies. By T. S. A.55
Gems from Moore’s Irish Melodies. By T. S. A.146
Gems from Moore’s Irish Melodies,221
Gods and Mortals. By A. K. Gardiner, M. D.263
Home: Or A Visit to the City. By the Author of “The Gold Beads,”335
January. By T. W.47
Kate Lorimer. By Emma C. Embury,232
Love’s Influence. By Enna Duval,114
Life of General Joseph Warren. By Thomas Wyatt, A. M.155
Life of General Nathaniel Greene. By Thomas Wyatt, A. M.208
Letter to N. P. Willis. By Geo. R. Graham,224
Loiterings and Life on the Prairies of the Farthest West. By J. M. Legare,239
Life of General Baron De Kalb. By Thomas Wyatt, A. M.267
Life’s Lessons Teach Charity. By Enna Duval,313
Mary Norrice. By Jeannie Deane,16
Myrrah of Tangiers. By Caroline C——,125
Minna. By W. S. Southgate,265
Patrick O’Brien. By H. Hastings Weld,99
Shakspeare. By H. C. Moorhead,291
Spring Snipe Shooting. By H. W. Herbert,340
Shakspeare. By H. C. Moorhead,404
The Young Artist. By T. S. Arthur,1, 106, 202
The Life of Major-General Richard Montgomery. By Thomas Wyatt, A. M.29
The Rumseys. By Agnes L. Gordon,41
The Captives. By S. D. Anderson,57
Taking Tea Sociably. By Ella Rodman,63
The Revealings of a Heart. By D. T. Kilbourn,69, 147
The Belle of Newport. By C. J. Peterson,76
The Advocate of Love. By Caroline C——,80
The Golden Oriole. From Bechstein,87
The Two Portraits. By Helen Irving,119
The Wilkinsons. By Joseph R. Chandler,135
The Lady of the Rock. By Miss J. M. Windle,172, 244, 324, 393
The Brigand and His Wife. By T. S. A.181
The Housekeeping Husband. By Angele De V. Hull,270
The Darkened Casement. By Grace Greenwood,279
The Game of Draughts. By C. F. Ashmead,308
The Fine Arts,344
The Dawn of the Hundred Days. By R. J. De Cordova,364
The First Love of Ada Somers. By A New Contributor,368
Traveling. A Touchstone. By F. E. F.384
The Poet Cowper. By Rev. J. N. Danforth,389
The Fine Arts,411
Valentine Histories. By S. Sutherland,300
Wild-Birds of America. By Professor Frost,89
Wild-Birds of America. By Professor Frost,218


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