» » The Preacher's Complete Homiletic Commentary on the Books of the Bible, Volume 15 (of 32) The Preacher's Complete Homiletic Commentary on the Book of the Prophet Isaiah, Volume I

The Preacher's Complete Homiletic Commentary on the Books of the Bible, Volume 15 (of 32) The Preacher's Complete Homiletic Commentary on the Book of the Prophet Isaiah, Volume I

The Preacher's Complete Homiletic Commentary on the Books of the Bible, Volume 15 (of 32)
The Preacher's Complete Homiletic Commentary on the Book
of the Prophet Isaiah, Volume I
Title: The Preacher's Complete Homiletic Commentary on the Books of the Bible, Volume 15 (of 32) The Preacher's Complete Homiletic Commentary on the Book of the Prophet Isaiah, Volume I
Release Date: 2018-10-09
Type book: Text
Copyright Status: Public domain in the USA.
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  • Technical note: This book makes heavy use of small caps formatting.You may need to experiment with fonts and browsers until you see the words“small caps” formatted in small caps.
  • This is a commentary on the first 39 chapters of the Biblical book of Isaiah. It waswritten to help ministers with their sermon preparation. Many of the thoughts presented arecondensed from published sermons. The book is a collection of man’s opinions on theinspired Word of God. The Transcriber does not necessarily agree with every opinion expressed.Among the disagreements are suggestions that the Church replaces Israel, or is “the true Israel,”or that human effort has any effect on God’s pacing of future events.Some of the opinions expressed are unapologetically anti-Roman Catholic or culturally insensitive. The book is a productof its time and place (late nineteenth century greater London). The U.S. conflict between North andSouth is still within memory and neither the great European wars to come, nor England’s lossof her colonial possessions in India and Africa, nor the establishment of the State of Israel is even foreshadowed.
  • The page numbers in the first part of the book (“front-matter”) andthe last part of the book (“back-matter”) were modified from unadornedArabic numbers to make them unique. In this e-book, front-matter pages are identifiedby lower-cased Roman numbers and back-matter pages include the letter “A”(for “Appendix”) and either an “L” or an “R” toidentify the left or right column. The Appendix presents two translations of thewhole book of Isaiah and two additional translations of the fifty-second and fifth-thirdchapters.
  • In the original, the outlines are generally in order by scripture reference and information in thepage headers helps one find an outline related to any desired passage. Due to the lengthof the e-book, and the supplemental outlines added toward the end, the Transcriberhas inserted a listing of outlines in sequential order by scripture reference afterthe Index of Subjects, Index of Authors, and table of Times, Seasons, and Occasions, and prior to the Introduction.
  • The footnotes in the text are identified by sequential lower-case Greek letters: α, β, etc.The Transcriber has changed them to superscript bracketed numbers to comply with current use. In the mainportion of the book, the “footnotes” were set in smaller type at the end of the respective outlines.In the Appendix, footnotes were set at the bottom of each page. The text and each footnote are hyperlinked both directions.
  • Certain long outlines (The Virgin’s Son, The Burden of Dumah)and the Appendix were set almost entirely in footnote type to save page count.
  • The detailed list of Transcriber’s changes is at the foot of the document. Link to detailed changes.

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Volumes 1–21

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Volume 15



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The Preacher’s Complete Homiletic




Volume I




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  1. In the preparation of this Commentary, my aim throughout has beenevangelical and practical. A study of the Book of Isaiah suggests many historical,critical, and speculative questions, but these I have entirely disregarded.I have asked only, What messages from God has this inspired prophet for themen of this generation? What instruction has he to give us? What warnings?What encouragements? What consolations? To these questions Ibelieve there are answers in the outlines I have myself prepared, and in thoseI have obtained from other sources.
  2. As my work proceeded, my methods somewhat changed. I discoveredthat I had commenced the Commentary on too large a scale, and that it was indanger of becoming too large and costly. I therefore ceased to append illustrationsto the outlines, and contented myself with giving references to illustrationsin my “Homiletic Encyclopædia of Illustrations in Theology and Morals”and my “Dictionary of Poetical Illustrations,” using for this purpose the lettersH. E. I. and P. D.
  3. I also ceased to prepare outlines on all the texts, and limited myself tothose most likely to be profitable to ordinary congregations.
  4. As I proceeded, I also became more convinced that a book intended to behelpful to many minds should contain the best thoughts of many minds; andtherefore, instead of preparing outlines which might be expanded into sermons,I condensed sermons preached by others into outlines. Remembering that Iwas working for ministers, I stripped the thoughts contained in those sermonsof most of their dress, and so the substance of a sermon of twenty pages wasfrequently placed on a page. The result is that in this volume a hundred andfifty students of Scripture—Episcopalians, Presbyterians, Congregationalistsand Baptists—combine to offer to their brethren suggestions as to the bestpractical uses to which the writings of Isaiah may be put today.
  5. On pp. 447–496 are some valuable outlines obtained too late for insertionin their proper places. Three of them are interesting specimens of Welshpreaching.

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Advent Thoughts and Joys 258
Adversity, The Bread of 335
Afflicted, The Duty of the 195
Afflictions of God’s People, The 290
Allotments of Land to the Poor 112
Altar and a Saviour for Egypt, An 244
Amusement, Earthly 117
Apostates, The Doom of the 67
Appeal and an Argument, An 4
Appropriation, The Grand 252
Ariel 313
Art, The Noblest 42
Assyrian, The 205
Assyrian Invasion of Judah 204
Atonement, The 388
Babylon, The Doom of 469
Beautiful Visions Exchanged for Realities 406
Belief, The Restoration of 436
Believer’s Dignity and Power, The 295
Blessed Life, A 379
Blessedness of the Servant of God, The 380
Blind Leaders 92
Book That Will Bear Testing, A 396
Call to the Careless, A 358
Call to the Revolted, A 346
Call to Study, A 394
Canticle, A Sad 111
Chambers of Safety 283
Chastisement 245, 273
Cheering Words and Solemn Warnings 89
Children of Babylon, Their Doom 231
Children, Spare the 232
Child-Training 166
Christ a Tested Saviour 304
Christ, Comfort in 355
Christ, His Empire 192
Christ, His Government 186
Christ, His Name—“Wonderful” 186
Christ, His Second Coming 258
Christ, His Titles and Government 185
Christ, His Triumphs 257
Christ Our Counsellor 187
Christ, The Ensign of the Nations 219
Christ, The Everlasting Father 189
Christ, The Healer and Joy-Giver 404
Christ, The Mighty God 188
Christ, The Prince of Peace 191
Christ, The Reconciler of Men 220
Christ a Righteous Judge 213
Christ a Sure Foundation 299
Christ, The Beauty of His Character 382
Christ, Suretyship of 433
Christian Liberality 356
Christian’s Refuge, The 351
Church of Christ, Characteristics of the 384
Church, Fiery Ordeal of 347
Church, The Christian, A Continuation of the Jewish 424
Cleaning for the Vilest 49
Cleaning Spirit, The 104
Comfort for the Desponding 49
Comfort in Christ 355
Command, A Plain 39
Conqueror Conquered, The 235
Consideration, Religious 11
Controlling Fact, A 386
Conversion, A Happy 207
Cords and Cart-Ropes 130
Cords of Vanity 121
Counsel, A Threefold 153
Counsellor, The Only 342
Covetousness 115
Cry for Help, A 433
Curse Done Away, The 405
Day of the Lord, The 230
Day of Visitation, The 203
Days of Deliverance 262
Death and the Grave 119
Death, Distress in Prospect of 430
Death, Preparation for 427
Death, The Contrasts of 235
Deliverance, A Great 436
Depravity, Total 18
Depravity, Transmitted 14
Despisers, The Doom of the 128
Disabled Ship, The 390
Discipline of Sin, The 291
Divine Anger 199
Divine Disappointments 109
Divine Ideal of Israel Realised, The 101
Divine Judgments, The Twofold Effect of 66
Divine Patience, Trials of the 159
Divine Salvation Rejected 328
Dreaming 314, 315
Drink and Its Woes 127, 293
Drunkard, The Miseries of the 116, 126, 127
Dumah, The Burden of 245
 [p. viii]
Early Religious Training 298
Earthly Song and the Heavenly Voice 340
East Wind, The Day of the 288
Encouragement for the Timid 401
England’s Crying Sin 293
Evil-Doers, The Seed of 237
Exiles’ Return, The 409
Faith’s Impregnable Citadel 150
Faith, The Condition of Firmness 155, 156
False Refuges 305, 488
Female Pride and Luxury 98
Fears and Comforts 150
Feast for Faith, A 312
Festivity and Forgetfulness 117
Foolish King and a Wise One, A 418
Forgetfulness of God 243
Forsaken of God 79
Forsaking the Lord 15
Gladness, The Duty of 228
Glorifying God in the Fires 251
God Avenging His Own Elect 378
God Exalted in the Great Day 453
God, His Goodness to the Church 284
God’s Gracious Invitation to Sinners 48
God’s Ideal of Goodness 46
God’s Invitation to Shelter 282
God’s Judgments 66, 250, 274, 398
God’s Outstretched Hand 194
God’s Perpetual Presence with His People 102
God’s Promises 193
God’s Readiness to Listen to the Needy 334
God’s Reluctance to Punish 20
God’s Righteousness 268
God Oppressed 28
God Our Refuge or Our Ruin 175
God, Two Constant Feelings in His Mind 198
God’s Outcasts 239
God’s People Forsaken 78
Godly, Prospect of the 381
Good and Evil, The Sin of Confounding 124
Gospel, Future Triumphs of the 73, 214
Gospel, The Blessings of the 473
Gospel Feast, The 253
Gospel Trumpet, The 293, 482
Government, The Curse of a Weak 92
Grave and its Mysteries, The 235
Great Deliverance, A 437
Great Dethronement, The 82
Great Task, The 41
Growing Light 490
Guiding Voice, The 337
“Hallowed Be Thy Name” 175
Harvest, The Joy of the 184
Haughtiness 97
Heaven, The Happiness of 412
Heedfulness 154
Hezekiah’s Prayer 426
Hezekiah’s Prudent Silence 417
Hezekiah’s Resolution 434
Hezekiah’s Song 439
Hezekiah’s Strength and Weakness 442
Hezekiah Tried 444
Holiness Accomplished, Peace Ordained 276
Holiness, Man’s, God’s Workmanship 277
Home Life and Influence 444
Ignorance, The Evils of 115
Illustrious Inhabitant, An 60
Immanuel 165
Impenitent, Certainty of the Destruction of the 57
In Whom Art Thou Trusting? 416
Inconsiderateness 9
Incorrigible, Doom of
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