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poems of yes and no
Title: poems of yes and no
Release Date: 2018-10-11
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Elizabeth Bartlett

Poems of Yes and No, was originally published in 1952 by EditorialJus in Mexico City, and is now out-of-print. The author's literaryexecutor, Steven James Bartlett, has decided to make the bookavailable as an open access publication, freely available toreaders through Project Gutenberg under the terms of the CreativeCommons Attribution-Noncommercial-NoDerivs license, which allowsanyone to distribute this work without changes to its content,provided that both the author and the original URL from whichthis work was obtained are mentioned, that the contents of thiswork are not used for commercial purposes or profit, and thatthis work will not be used without the copyright holder's writtenpermission in derivative works (i.e., you may not alter, transform,or build upon this work without such permission). The full legalstatement of this license may be found at:


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yes and no

elizabeth bartlett

editorial jus

some of these poems have appeared in poetry chapbook,arizona quarterly, southwest review, prairie schooner,university of kansas city review, new york times andmexican life magazine

yes, paul — with all my heart

first edition



search the wild wind
lesson on five fingers
journey to jerusalem
prayer for four seasons
while I live
life I love
mood on a string
time is a palette
dusk I love
the lovers
whatever else may be
tropic time
the wind and the rain
the now and here
swallows return
reply to critics


step softly
I would remember
now and forever
beyond cost
summer and winter
item: body found
on trial
washday in the tropics
only this
alter ego
this much I know about time
in the wake of sleep
cold wakening
weather forecast
measured interval
black sun
log for a voyage
notes for the future

Yes page

search the wild wind

search the wild wind
when the foals of spring leap by
leave the summer colts behind
nose up, head high

stretch the hill's ribs
when the stable gates are wide
lead the mares from manger cribs
stallion with pride

reach the storm's heart
when the world is lost to sight
buck the sky and cliffs apart
clouds black, snow white

pitch a new tent
when the greengrass disappears
paw beneath the crystal scent
sweet leaves, fresh spears

march with the dawn
when the nights grow long and cold
seek for pastures not yet born
rider, be bold

lesson on five fingers

now that I have learned
how seasons are returned
brook my laughter here
to the running years
waterfall the fears

now that I realize
how much the world denies
green my sense leaves bright
to chlorophyl of light
photocell the nights

now that I have found
how each must choose his ground
terrace my piece of time
to a hill of sweet limes
stairway the climb

now that I have seen
how cunning walks between
mountain my trust high
to the pigmy wise
landslide the lies

now that I understand
how heart unites with hand
radar the future free
to the dove singing me
laurel the peace

journey to jerusalem

sky our thoughts to midnight
that hold no noon's repose
silence speaks in clearer voice
than day's tumultuous crows

unpave the streets to earthscape
grass pillow to our heads
as virgin stars attend once more
moon music forested

mountain our hearts to the lion
tender our hands to the dove
olive the branch over zion
to israelite our love

flower this hope to the springtime
summer our dream with its fruit
festive the fields in the autumn
winter the future's root

prayer for four seasons

rain, rain on me
make me green
as lettuce leaf
at spring's fresh core

sun, shine on me
burn me bright
as coral reef
on island shore

wind, blow on me
sweep me clean
as grain fields tall
for autumn's mill

stars, sing for me
lark the night
as snowflakes fall
on woods and hill


all the hills of the world lie here
    aeolus ride your winds
the skybound clouds leap out like deer
    daedalus fly your wings

the fields are green with sun and shade
    pegasus strike your hoof
the silence sings, the people fade
    hesperus light my roof

the ocean's wide and far away
    tantalus drink your fill
no distant lands draw me astray
    orpheus bring your skill

olympus is within my heart
    poetry lift me high
with pagan joy I sing my art
    melody till I die


tell me, in this high land of mountained length
where time is green and space big-bellied
with fruitful plains rockribbed by corn and bean
for simple courage, do you know strength
as something earned through bitterness of need
in narrow streets and tortured rooms, oh hungry lean

listen, above the winding road come sounds
descending on bells, sky voices and wind
mixing with the shy four footed ones' cries,
what do they tell, can you hear from the grounds
of city skyscrapers through the tunnelthinned
walls that rail the nervetracked brain with wooden ties

look you, whose eyes are wise with too much seen
through doors and windows, in whom the sunlight
is confined by steel canyons and arctic
nights, here is heart space, here clouds rise between
warm currents to open roofs, see how the height
of climb and width of free brightens to tropic

taste this, you tongue lovers, you gourmets, you
who know the ends for which the palette buds
bloom to burst on a thousand sauces, wines,
rare meats and molded cheeses, what brew
is this, what essence extracted from muds
and rooted origins of leaf that taste defines

breathe, ah breathe again, purge out the unclear
lungs, the downbent head, smell has other use
than multiplies in shop and factory
to substitute the sense, no need to fear
the pure air here, to hide subtle and obtuse
behind the mob's excuse, here the wind blows free

reach out, know touch as up and down, the span
of head to heel, thigh to shoulder, each side
with rough of bark to blossom, stone to dust,
how else but by the feel, the real, can man
press nature to his will and impel his pride
in shaping to his needs an earth which he can trust

go up, your feet will take you high above
streets and buildings to a new position
forget the old appointments, you have a more
important one with God to measure love
not by the scrupled ways of acquisition
but freely as the stars that follow and explore

while I live

my love is a hart seeking the waterfall
where he may press two lips against its crystal
depths—see how he leaps to kiss the imaged mist
that bubbles up beneath him—he staggers, kissed

my love is an alpine trail that mountains climb
above clouds and timber to heights out of time
and measure—no distance there or memory
for weak foot and tired brain—but death only

my love is a trumpet sustaining its call
to the last clear breath—listen, the interval,
out of canyon silences, on the dry wind,
the throat of night catches, its echoes are thinned

my love is a dream where childhood fell asleep
beckoned by shadows that lengthen as they creep;
now she sighs, weeps, losing her way—morning wakes
the sleeper and she smiles, her eyes are lakes


ah never say the dreams were false
that boy and girl were madly bold
not time but timeless changes all
man and woman we should know

what we dreamed was what we were
and could not timeless be
two strange wild things in universe
too tame for altering

then let them keep without reserve
the wings they had prepared
and while we walk a humbled earth
see them with spirit dare

life I love

life I love who know the heart's unease
the mind's disease, the search unending
to a blind conclusion

I have gone so many ways
towards praise, away from blame
to find seclusion

known coldest doubt and passionate release
the after peace of countless wars grown tired

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