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History of Atchison County Kansas

History of Atchison County Kansas
Title: History of Atchison County Kansas
Release Date: 2018-11-01
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Sheffield Ingalls

Atchison County

Lawrence, Kansas



In the preparation and compilation of this history, no effort has beenmade to interpret the logic or spirit of events that surrounded the birth andprogress of Atchison county. The work was undertaken with the idea of compilinga narrative plainly told, of the people and the institutions here. I wasinterested in putting in permanent form chronologically the events that havetranspired in the past sixty years, that have made for the political, social,moral and commercial development of the county, but, had I realized inadvance the many hours of labor and patient study it required, the work ofcompleting the task in six months would not have been attempted. I amvery deeply conscious of the imperfections of the completed work, but hadthere been more time for research and study, much might have been includedthat does not appear.

It would be ingratitude if no acknowledgment were made at the outset,of the obligation I am under to George J. Remsburg for the assistance hehas rendered me. Without his unfailing courtesy, kindness and help I shouldnever have been able to do the work at all. His ability as a local historianis truly marvelous. He wrote two chapters of the history and contributedmost of the matter touching upon the founding of cities and towns. It is tobe regretted that the condition of his health prevented him from undertakingthe work which I have so imperfectly done.

Acknowledgment is also due George A. Root of the State HistoricalSociety, who has rendered me invaluable assistance, and to the AtchisonDaily Globe, from whose files I gathered much important data. Nor can Ifail to give proper credit to Andreas’ History of Kansas, from which a wealthof information has been secured. D. Anna Speer, county superintendent,collected for me most of the historical matter relative to the schools of thecounty and Professor Nathan T. Veatch was more than kind in preparing forme a sketch of the Atchison city schools.

And my dear mother, a loyal resident of Atchison since July, 1859,intimately identified with its history and growth for fifty-seven years, hasvisualized to me as no other could, the story of the early days. Remarkableas a mother, loved and adored by all her children, she is no less remarkable

as a woman, stalwart, rugged and buoyant. She lived her young life withthe pioneers of Atchison, and now in the fullness of her years she looks overthe past, so full of pleasures, tribulations and sorrows, with gladness andresignation, and faces the future with a determined spirit and a brave heart.

To the ministers of the various churches of Atchison and to ProfessorErasmus Haworth and Charles H. Taylor, the county farm agent, and tomany other good people of Atchison, I entertain sentiments of the deepestappreciation, and if any of them ever undertakes the work of writing a history,I shall gladly render them any service in my power.

Atchison, Kan., March 6, 1916.


Abell, P. T. 295
Adams, John P. 488
Adams, Mary A. 584
Adams, William 584
Adams, S. W. 520
Atchison County Court House 57
Atchison County High School, Effingham 274
Ballinger and Wife, S. E. 648
Ballinger, Julia H. 600
Ballinger, Thomas E. 600
Barber, Moses 672
Barber, Mary 672
Beard and Family, Frank 704
Blodgett, Thomas L. 624
Boyington, Home of Frank W. and Julia 584
Burbank, E. G. 520
Burrows, C. H. 544
Bush, William H. 464
Buttron, Henry and Family 472
Carnegie Library, Atchison 289
Challis, William L. 307
Cheseborough, Ellsworth 193
Christian Church, Atchison 249
Cirtwill, Jennie 712
Cochrane, Dr. W. W. 307
Commercial Street, Atchison 66
Conlon, Charles J. 488
Deutsch, Julius 520
Dorssom, George 464
Du Bois and Wife, Lewis P. 768
Eagles’ Home, Atchison 330
Effingham Street Scene 111
Elks’ Club House, Atchison 329
Falk, Charles H. 464
First Church of Christ, Scientist 255
Forest Park, Atchison 80
Fox, Jared C. 408
Glick, George W. 351
Graner’s Annual Sale 785
Graner, Gottlieb 784
Graner, H. C. 785
Graner Homestead 784
Graner, Martha 784
Graner, W. H. 785
Griffin, L. 680
Gundy, Charles T. 560
Ham and Wife, Martin W. 608
Hansen, H. C. 520
Hart, C. C. 792
Harvey, Albert B. 440
Harwi, Alfred J. 416
Hazel, Ernest C. 744
Highfill, Thomas 704
Hines, Michael J. 464
Hooper, Daniel E. 616
Hospital, Atchison 57
Hughes, Bela M. 193
Ingalls, John J. 392
Ingalls School, Atchison 279
Ingalls, Sheffield Frontispiece
Jackson, William A. 488
Jackson Park, Entrance 172
Jewell, L. M. 536
Johnson, George H. T. 456
Kaaz, Julius 688
Keirns, Gail Maxine 568
Keith, U. S. 544
Keithline, Andrew 432
King, S. S. 560
Kingman, S. C. 295
Kuhn, Julius 592
Laird, Britamore 736
Laird, Marcus J. 736
Lane, Jim 189
Mangelsdorf Building 312
Martin, Col. J. A. 297
Masonic Temple, Atchison 327
Million, George 200
Morrow, James G. 384
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