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Motion pictures, 1940-1949

Motion pictures, 1940-1949
Title: Motion pictures, 1940-1949
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Motion Pictures
Cumulative Series

Motion Pictures

L. C. card, 53–60032
For sale by the Register of Copyrights,
Library of Congress, Washington 25, D. C.
Price $10


Table of Contents

Motion Pictures, 1940–1949 1
Index 503
Series List 585


Motion Pictures, 1940–1949, is a cumulative cataloglisting works registered in the CopyrightOffice in Classes L and M from January 1, 1940,through December 31, 1949. It continues theseries of cumulative catalogs which began in1951 with Motion Pictures, 1912–1939. A thirdvolume, Motion Pictures, 1894–1912, is also beingpublished (though not as a part of the series); itlists works copyrighted prior to 1912 and identifiedas motion pictures by Howard LamarrWalls. These three volumes, together with thecurrent issues of the Catalog of Copyright Entries,Third Series, Parts 12–13, Motion Pictures and Filmstrips,comprise an unbroken record of the copyrightregistration of motion pictures and, also,an extensive although not complete record ofmotion picture production in the United Statesthrough the entire history of the industry.

The information given in the entries for theperiod 1940–1946 was obtained from the recordbooks of the Copyright Office, the original applicationsfor the registration of the copyrightclaims, and the descriptive material depositedwith the applications and films at the time ofregistration. For the period 1947–1949, theinformation was transcribed (with slight changesin the order of the material, for the sake of consistency)from card copy previously used in thepreparation of the semiannual issues of theCatalog of Copyright Entries, Third Series, Parts12–13, Motion Pictures. Beginning with July 1,1949, the title of Parts 12–13 was changed toMotion Pictures and Filmstrips and filmstrips registeredin Class J were listed. These filmstrips,however, have been omitted from the cumulativecatalog. The card copy was compared with therecord books and the file of original applicationsto make certain that all works registered duringthe period were recorded in the catalog. At thesame time any errors in the names of the claimantsor the dates of publication found in the cardcopy were corrected.

Each entry contains information whichdescribes the film and identifies the copyrightclaimant, the date of the beginning of the copyrightterm, and the copyright registration number.The descriptive portion of the entries varies considerablyin fullness depending on the informationavailable in the sources used.

The entries for unpublished works contain thedate or dates of deposit in the Copyright Officeof the title, description, and required prints.The entries for published works contain date ofpublication as given in the application forregistration. Deposit of published copies has inevery case been made.

In each entry the name of the claimant is thatgiven in the application. Information relatingvito renewal copyrights or to subsequent changesof ownership recorded in the Copyright Officecan be ascertained upon request and upon paymentto the Register of Copyrights of the feespecified in the law for the conduct of a searchof the records. In addition, information relatingto renewal copyrights can be secured by referringto the issue of the Catalog of Copyright Entriescovering renewal registrations for the particularclass of work during the renewal period.

The publication of the Catalog of CopyrightEntries is authorized by sections 210 and 211 ofTitle 17 of the United States Code. Section 210provides in part: “The current catalog of copyrightentries and the index volumes herein providedfor shall be admitted in any court as primafacie evidence of the facts stated therein asregards any copyright registration.”

The purpose of the cumulative catalogs isthreefold: 1) to meet the administrative needs ofthe Copyright Office; 2) to provide compactindex volumes to the legal profession, publishers,authors, and others interested in copyright; and3) to make available, for other research uses, theinformation on record in the Copyright Office,much of which is not available elsewhere.

A description (including price and instructionsfor ordering) of each part of the present ThirdSeries of the Catalog of Copyright Entries and ofother publications of the Copyright Office isprovided at the back of this volume.

The Copyright Office welcomes inquiries, suggestions,and comments on the content andorganization of the Catalog. Such communicationsshould be addressed to the Chief of theCataloging Division, Copyright Office, Libraryof Congress, Washington 25, D. C.

Copyright Registrations of Motion Pictures

January 1, 1940–December 31, 1949

Class L, Motion-picture photoplays 7,122
Class M, Motion pictures other than photoplays 11,645
Total 18,767

Class M contains many animated cartoons and newsreels as well as nontheatrical films. The letterP following the class symbol in an entry indicates that the film was registered as a published work;the letter U, an unpublished work.


How To Use This Catalog

This catalog consists of three parts: Motion Pictures,1940–1949, which is a list of main entriesunder title; an Index of names; and a Series List.Each part is arranged alphabetically.

Motion Pictures, 1940–1949

The items which constitute each entry in thissection are given below in the order in whichthey appear. The title, name of the claimant,copyright date, and registration number arealways given; other items are included if applicableto the motion picture and available.

1. Title. Main title, followed by subtitle,translated title, and alternate title. Cross-referencesare made for alternate and translatedtitles. When motion pictures arebased on the lives of real persons or whensuch persons are mentioned in the titles inconnection with specific episodes in theirlives, such as musical performances orathletic events, their names are included inthe Index.

2. Production statement. The name of the producingcompany, i.e., the company responsiblefor the existence of the picture, followsthe title. In some instances two companiesor organizations are concerned with theproduction of a film, one with the physicalproduction, i.e., photographing, editing,sound recording, etc., the other with planning,distributing, and sponsoring the motionpicture. In such case the companyconcerned with physical production is namedfirst, followed by the preposition for and thename of the other company. The name of aforeign producing company is followed bythe name of the city or country in which itis located. When the name of a person ororganization is given in the records of theCopyright Office preceded by the phrasepresented by, the name, together with thephrase, follows the date (see item 3 below).

3. Date. For published works, the year date ofcopyright (see item 10 below) preceded by alower case c, (e.g., c1941) follows the productionstatement. If a production datedifferent from the copyright year date isgiven in the records, this information followsthe copyright date. For unpublished works,no date is given in this position in the entry.

4. Physical description. A full physical descriptioncontains information relating to 1) thelength of the film, given in running time,footage, number of reels or frames; 2) coloror black and white versions; 3) sound orsilent versions; 4) width of the film. Fewof the entries in this catalog for the periodprior to 1946 contain full physical descriptionsbecause information on these pointswas not included in the records of theCopyright Office.

5. Notes. Certain information which helps toidentify the motion picture more exactlyis given in the form of notes:

a. The title of the series to which a motionpicture belongs is given immediatelyfollowing the physical description.

b. Phrases further identifying persons ororganizations connected with the productionof a motion picture, such asWarner Bros.-First National picture, FrankCapra production, etc., are given in a notefollowing the series note.

c. Information relating to other titles bywhich the motion picture is known, toother versions, to related material tobe used in connection with the showingof the motion picture, or to the sourcematerial on which the motion pictureis based, is given in the order named.

viii6. Summary. A brief statement describing orcharacterizing the motion picture is includedwhenever it has been printed previously inan issue of the Catalog of Copyright Entries.

7. Credits. This paragraph contains, whenavailable, the names of persons associatedwith the production of the film in the capacityof producers, directors, writers, narrators,commentators, creators of animation,composers, music directors and other personsresponsible for the music, photographersor cameramen for travelogs and otherpictures of similar type, and film editors.In a few instances other credits have beenincluded. In the case of each person, aterm indicative of the contribution precedesthe name. For films in color, the name ofthe process is given, if available, at the endof the credits statement.

8. Cast. The principal actors are named inthe order of their billing if the informationhas been printed previously in an issue ofthe Catalog of Copyright Entries.

9. Copyright claimant, date, and registration number.This paragraph begins with the copyrightsymbol ©. The symbol is followed by:

a. The name of the claimant as it isgiven in the application.

b. The date of the beginning of the termof copyright: for published works, thedate of publication as cited in theapplication; for unpublished works, thedate or dates of receipt in the CopyrightOffice of the title, description,and required prints.

c. The registration number, preceded bythe respective class symbol (L, motionpicture photoplays; M, motion picturesother than photoplays) and, also,immediately after the class symbol, theletter P to designate a published workor U, an unpublished work.

In the case of motion pictures produced asserials, information relating to the entire serialprecedes that relating to the individual numbersor episodes in the serial. More than one entryof a serial is made whenever the descriptive informationvaries for different parts of the serial.Individual issues of a serial are listed in numericalsequence or by date; in those cases where thename or form of name of the claimant haschanged, the issues claimed under a specificname are listed below it. The copyright symbol© always appears immediately before the nameof the copyright claimant and the copyright datewhenever they are in separate statements. Whenduplicate numbers appear in a sequence ofissues, arrangement of the duplicates is by copyrightdate. Omission of an item in a sequencedoes not necessarily mean that the item has notbeen registered in the Copyright Office, since itmay be included in the catalog under its specifictitle.


The second section of this catalog lists thenames of the persons and organizations associatedwith the production of the motion pictures describedin the main section and of the authors ofthe novels, dramas, or other works upon whichthese motion pictures are based. Also includedare the names of persons on whose lives the motionpictures are based or whose names appear in thetitles in connection with a musical performanceor athletic event. The names of the personslisted in the statements of credits in the mainentries are not included. The name of each personor organization is used as a heading, the formof which is either the one appearing in the OfficialCatalog of the Library of Congress or the onemost frequently found in the records of the CopyrightOffice. Similar names have been listedseparately unless it is clear that they identify thesame person or organization. Cross-referencesfrom different forms of the same name and frompseudonyms are included in the list.

Under each heading are listed alphabeticallythe titles of the motion pictures associated with it,together with their

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