» » A Classified Catalogue of Henry S. King & Co.'s Publications, November, 1873

A Classified Catalogue of Henry S. King & Co.'s Publications, November, 1873

A Classified Catalogue of Henry S. King & Co.'s Publications, November, 1873
Title: A Classified Catalogue of Henry S. King & Co.'s Publications, November, 1873
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November, 1873.

a Classified Catalogue of
Henry S. King & Co.’s Publications.


History and Biography 1
Voyages and Travel 5
Science 7
Essays, Lectures, and Collected Papers 12
Military Works 15
India and the East 19
Books for the Young, &c. 21
Poetry 24
Fiction 26
Theological 31
Cornhill Library of Fiction 36


THE NORMAN PEOPLE, And their existing descendants in theBritish Dominions and the United States of America. Onehandsome vol. 8vo. Price 21s. [In the Press.

This work is the result of many yearsof research into the history of the Normanrace in England. It is generally supposedto have become extinct; but careful studyhas shown that it exists and forms a largepart of the English people. In the courseof the work the early history of the wholearistocracy is revised, reconstructed, andvery many thousands of families are shownto be Norman which have never beforebeen accounted for.

A MEMOIR OF THE LATE REVEREND DR. ROWLANDWILLIAMS, With selections from his Note-books and Correspondence.Edited by Mrs. Rowland Williams. With a Photographic Portrait.[In the Press.

THE RUSSIANS IN CENTRAL ASIA. A Critical Examination,down to the present time, of the Geography and History of Central Asia.By Baron F. Von Hellwald, Member of the Geographical Societiesof Paris, Geneva, Vienna, &c., &c. Translated by Lieut.-Col.Theodore Wirgman, LL.B., late 6th Inniskilling Dragoons; formerlyof the Austrian Service; Translator into English verse of Schiller’s“Wallenstein’s Camp.” [Nearly ready.


THE GOVERNMENT OF THE NATIONAL DEFENCE. Fromthe 30th June to the 31st October, 1870. The Plain Statement of aMember. By Mons. Jules Favre. 1 vol. Demy 8vo. 10s. 6d.

BOKHARA: ITS HISTORY AND CONQUEST. By ProfessorArminius Vàmbèry, of the University of Pesth, Author of “Travelsin Central Asia,” &c. Demy 8vo. Price 18s.

“We conclude with a cordial recommendationof this valuable book. In thepresent work his moderation, scholarship,insight, and occasionally very impressivestyle, have raised him to the dignity ofan historian”—Saturday Review.

“Almost every page abounds with compositionof peculiar merit, as well as with anaccount of some thrilling event more excitingthan any to be found in an ordinarywork of fiction.”—Morning Post.

THE RELIGIOUS HISTORY OF IRELAND: Primitive, Papal,and Protestant; including the Evangelical Missions, Catholic Agitations,and Church Progress of the last half century. By James Godkin, Authorof “Ireland, her Churches,” &c. 1 vol. 8vo. Price 12s.

“For those who shun blue books, andyet desire some of the information theycontain, these latter chapters on the statisticsof the various religious denominationswill be welcomed.”—Evening Standard.

“Mr. Godkin writes with evident honesty,and the topic on which he writes is oneabout which an honest book is greatlywanted.”—Examiner.

’ILÂM ĔN NÂS. Historical Tales and Anecdotes of the Times of the EarlyKhalifahs. Translated from the Arabic Originals. By Mrs. GodfreyClerk, Author of “The Antipodes and Round the World.” Crown 8vo.Price 7s.

“But there is a high tone about them,a love of justice, of truth and integrity,a sense of honour and manliness, and asimple devotion to religious duty, whichhowever mistaken according to our lights,is deserving of every respect. Thetranslation is the work of a lady, and avery excellent and scholar-like translationit is, clearly and pleasantly written, andillustrated and explained by copious notes,indicating considerable learning and research.”—SaturdayReview.

“Those who like stories full of thegenuine colour and fragrance of the East,should by all means read Mrs. GodfreyClerk’s volume.”—Spectator.

“As full of valuable information as it isof amusing incident.”—Evening Standard.

ECHOES OF A FAMOUS YEAR. By Harriet Parr, Author of“The Life of Jeanne d’Arc,” “In the Silver Age,” &c. Crown 8vo.8s. 6d.

“A graceful and touching, as well astruthful account of the Franco-PrussianWar. Those who are in the habit of readingbooks to children will find this atonce instructive and delightful.”—PublicOpinion.

“Miss Parr has the great gift of charmingsimplicity of style; and if children arenot interested in her book, many of theirseniors will be.”—British Quarterly Review.


ALEXIS DE TOCQUEVILLE. Correspondence and Conversations withNassau W. Senior from 1833 to 1859. Edited by Mrs. M. C. M.Simpson. In 2 vols., large post 8vo. 21s.

“Another of those interesting journalsin which Mr. Senior has, as it were, crystallizedthe sayings of some of those manyremarkable men with whom he came incontact.”—Morning Post.

“A book replete with knowledge andthought.”—Quarterly Review.

“An extremely interesting book.”—SaturdayReview.

JOURNALS KEPT IN FRANCE AND ITALY. From 1848 to 1852.With a Sketch of the Revolution of 1848. By the late Nassau WilliamSenior. Edited by his Daughter, M. C. M. Simpson. In 2 vols.,post 8vo. 24s.

“The book has a genuine historicalvalue.”—Saturday Review.

“The present volume gives us conversationswith some of the most prominentmen in the political history of France andItaly.... Mr. Senior has the art of inspiringall men with frankness, and of persuadingthem to put themselves unreservedly inhis hands without fear of private circulation.”—Athenæum.

“No better, more honest, and more readableview of the state of political societyduring the existence of the second Republiccould well be looked for.”—Examiner.

POLITICAL WOMEN. By Sutherland Menzies. 2 vols. Post 8voPrice 24s.

“Has all the information of history, withall the interest that attaches to biography.”—Scotsman.

“A graceful contribution to the lighterrecord of history.”—English Churchman.

“No author could have stated the casemore temperately than he has done, andfew could have placed before the reader sographically the story which had to be told.”—LeedsMercury.

SARA COLERIDGE, MEMOIR AND LETTERS OF. Editedby her Daughters. 2 vols. Crown 8vo. With 2 Portraits. Price 24s.Second Edition, Revised and Corrected.

“We have read these two volumes withgenuine gratification.”—Hour.

“We could have wished to give specimensof her very just, subtle, and concisecriticisms on authors of every sort and time—poets,moralists, historians, and philosophers.Sara Coleridge, as she is revealed,or rather reveals herself, in the correspondence,makes a brilliant addition toa brilliant family reputation.”—SaturdayReview.

“These charming volumes are attractivein two ways: first, as a memorial of a mostamiable woman of high intellectual mark;and secondly, as rekindling recollections,and adding a little to our information regardingthe life of Sara Coleridge’s father,the poet and philosopher.”—Athenæum.

“An acceptable record, and present anadequate image of a mind of singularbeauty and no inconsiderable power.”—Examiner.

PHANTASMION. A Fairy Romance. By Sara Coleridge.[In preparation.


LEONORA CHRISTINA, MEMOIRS OF, Daughter of Christian IV.of Denmark: Written during her Imprisonment in the Blue Tower ofthe Royal Palace at Copenhagen, 1663-1685. Translated by F. E.Bunnett, Translator of Grimm’s “Life of Michael Angelo,” &c. Withan Autotype Portrait of the Princess. Medium 8vo. 12s. 6d.

“A valuable addition to history.”—DailyNews.

“This remarkable autobiography, inwhich we gratefully recognize a valuableaddition to the tragic romance of history.”—Spectator.

THE LATE REV. F. W. ROBERTSON, M.A., LIFE ANDLETTERS OF. Edited by Stopford Brooke, M.A., Chaplain inOrdinary to the Queen. In 2 vols., uniform with the Sermons. Price7s. 6d. Library Edition, in demy 8vo, with Two Steel Portraits. 12s. APopular Edition, in 1 vol. Price 6s.

NATHANIEL HAWTHORNE, A MEMOIR OF, with Stories nowfirst published in this country. By H. A. Page. Large post 8vo. 7s. 6d.

“The Memoir is followed by a criticismof Hawthorne as a writer; and the criticismis, on the whole, very well written, andexhibits a discriminating enthusiasm forone of the most fascinating of novelists.”—SaturdayReview.

“Seldom has it been our lot to meet witha more appreciative delineation of characterthan this Memoir of Hawthorne.”—MorningPost.

“He has done full justice to the finecharacter of the author of ‘The ScarletLetter.’”—Standard.

“A model of literary work of art.”—EdinburghCourant.

LIVES OF ENGLISH POPULAR LEADERS. No. 1.—StephenLangton. By C. Edmund Maurice. Crown 8vo. 7s. 6d.

“Mr. Maurice has written a very interestingbook, which may be read withequal pleasure and profit.”—MorningPost.

“The volume contains many interestingdetails, including some important documents.It will amply repay those whoread it, whether as a chapter of the constitutionalhistory of England or as the life ofa great Englishman.”—Spectator.

CABINET PORTRAITS. Biographical Sketches of Living Statesmen.By T. Wemyss Reid. 1 vol. crown 8vo. 7s. 6d.

“We have never met with a workwhich we can more unreservedly praise.The sketches are absolutely impartial.”—Athenæum.

“We can heartily commend his work.”—Standard.

“The ‘Sketches of Statesmen’ are drawnwith a master hand.”—Yorkshire Post.



ROUGH NOTES OF A VISIT TO BELGIUM, SEDAN, ANDPARIS, In September, 1870-71. By John Ashton. Crown 8vo,bevelled boards. Price 3s. 6d.

This little volume derives its chief interest from the accurate descriptions of the scenesvisited during the recent struggle on the Continent.

THE ALPS OF ARABIA; or, Travels through Egypt, Sinai, Arabia, andthe Holy Land. By William Charles Maughan. 1 vol. Demy 8vo,with Map. Price 10s. 6d.

A volume of simple “impressions de voyage”—but written in pleasant and interestingstyle.

THE MISHMEE HILLS: an Account of a Journey made in an Attemptto Penetrate Tibet from Assam, to open New Routes for Commerce.By T. T. Cooper, author of “The Travels of a Pioneer of Commerce.”Demy 8vo. Illustrated.

THE PEARL OF THE ANTILLES; The Artist in Cuba. ByWalter Goodman. Crown 8vo. 7s. 6d.

“A good-sized volume, delightfully vividand picturesque.... Several chaptersdevoted to the characteristics of the peopleare exceedingly interesting and remarkable....The whole book deserves the heartiestcommendation ... sparkling and amusingfrom beginning to end. Reading it is likerambling about with a companion who iscontent to loiter, observing everything,commenting upon everything, turningeverything into a picture, with a cheerfulflow of spirits, full of fun, but far abovefrivolity.”—Spectator.

“He writes very lightly and pleasantly,and brightens his pages with a good dealof humour. His experiences were variedenough, and his book contains a series ofvivid and miscellaneous sketches. We canrecommend his whole volume as veryamusing reading.”—Pall Mall Gazette.

FIELD AND FOREST RAMBLES OF A NATURALIST INNEW BRUNSWICK. With Notes and Observations on the NaturalHistory of Eastern Canada. By A. Leith Adams, M.A., &c., Authorof “Wanderings of a Naturalist in India,” &c., &c. In 8vo, cloth.Illustrated. 14s.

“Will be found interesting by those whotake a pleasure either in sport or naturalhistory.”—Athenæum.

“The descriptions are clear and full ofinterest, while the book is prevented fromdegenerating into a mere scientific catalogueby many graphic sketches of therambles.”—John Bull.

“To the naturalist the book will be mostvaluable.... To the general reader thebook will prove most interesting, for thestyle is pleasant and chatty, and the informationgiven is so graphic and full, thatthose who care nothing for natural historyas a pursuit will yet read these descriptionswith great interest.”—Evening Standard.

“Both sportsmen and naturalists willfind this work replete with anecdote andcarefully-recorded observation, which willentertain them.”—Nature.

TENT LIFE WITH ENGLISH GIPSIES IN NORWAY. ByHubert Smith. In 8vo, cloth. Five full-page Engravings, and 31smaller Illustrations, with Map of the Country showing Routes. Price 21s.

“If any of our readers think of scrapingan acquaintance with Norway, let themread this book. The gypsies, always aninteresting study, become doubly interesting,when we are, as in these pages, introducedto them in their daily walk andconversation.”—Examiner.

“Written in a very lively style, and hasthroughout a smack of dry humour andsatiric reflection which shows the writer tobe a keen observer of men and things. Wehope that many will read it and find in itthe same amusement as ourselves.”—Times.


FAYOUM; or, Artists in Egypt. A Tour with M. Gérôme and others.By J. Lenoir. Crown 8vo, cloth. Illustrated. 7s. 6d.

“A pleasantly written and very readablebook.”—Examiner.

“The book is very amusing.... Whoevermay take it up will find he has withhim a bright and pleasant companion.”—Spectator.

SPITZBERGEN THE GATEWAY TO THE POLYNIA; or, aVoyage to Spitzbergen. By Captain John C. Wells, R.N.In 8vo, cloth. Profusely Illustrated. Price 21s.

“Straightforward and clear in style,securing our confidence by its unaffectedsimplicity and good sense.”—SaturdayReview.

“A charming book, remarkably wellwritten and well illustrated.”—Standard.

“Blends pleasantly science with adventure,picturesque sketches of

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