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Select Books Published by Mr. T. Fisher Unwin

Select Books Published by Mr. T. Fisher Unwin
Title: Select Books Published by Mr. T. Fisher Unwin
Release Date: 2019-02-20
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Select Books
Mr. T. Fisher Unwin

26, Paternoster Square.


Mr. Unwin has pleasure in sendingherewith his Catalogue of Select Books.

Book Buyers are requested to orderany Books they may require from theirlocal Bookseller.


Catalogue of Select Books in Belles Lettres,History, Biography, Theology, Travel,Miscellaneous, and Books for Children.

Belles Lettres.

English Wayfaring Life in the MiddleAges (XIVth Century). By J. J. Jusserand. Translatedfrom the French by Lucy A. Toulmin Smith. Illustrated.Demy 8vo., cloth, 21s.

The Author has supervised the translation, and has added fresh matter, sothat the volume differs in some degree from “La Vie Nomade.” Many of theillustrations are taken from illuminated manuscripts, and have never beenpublished before.

Old Chelsea. A Summer-Day’s Stroll. By Dr. BenjaminEllis Martin. Illustrated by JosephPennell. Crown 8vo., cloth, 7s. 6d.

The stroll described in these pages may be imagined to be taken during thesummer of 1888; all the dates, descriptions, and references herein having beenbrought down to the present day.

The Twilight of the Gods. “The Purple Head,”“Madame Lucifer,”“The Demon Pope,” “The City of Philosophers,” “TheCup-bearer,” “Ananda the Miracle-Worker,” “The Bell ofSt. Euschemon,” and other Stories. By Richard Garnett.Crown 8vo., cloth, 6s.

The Coming of the Friars, And other MediævalSketches. By the Rev.Augustus Jessopp, D.D., Author of “Arcady: For Better,For Worse,” &c. Crown 8vo., cloth, 7s. 6d.

Contents.—I. The Coming of the Friars.—II. Village Life in Norfolk SixHundred Years ago.—III. Daily Life in a Mediæval Monastery.—IV. and V.The Black Death in East Anglia.—VI. The Building-up of a University.—VII.The Prophet of Walnut-tree Walk.


Arcady: For Better, For Worse. By Augustus Jessopp, D.D.,Author of “One Generation of a Norfolk House.”Portrait. Popular Edition. Crown 8vo., cloth, 3s. 6d.

“A volume which is, to our minds, one of the most delightful ever published inEnglish.”—Spectator.

“A capital book, abounding in true wisdom and humour.... Excellent andamusing.”—Melbourne Argus.

The Romance of a Shop. By Amy Levy, Authorof “The New Schoolof American Fiction,” &c. Crown 8vo., cloth, 6s.

The Paradox Club. By Edward Garnett. WithPortrait of Nina Lindon. Crown8vo., cloth, 6s.

“Mr. Garnett’s dialogue is often quite as good as his description, and indescription he is singularly happy. The mystery of London streets by night ispowerfully suggested, and the realistic force of his night-pieces is enhanced by thevague and Schumann-like sentiment that pervades them.”—Saturday Review.

Euphorion: Studies of the Antique and the Mediæval in theRenaissance. By Vernon Lee. Cheap Edition,in one volume. Demy 8vo., cloth, 7s. 6d.

“It is the fruit, as every page testifies, of singularly wide reading and independentthought, and the style combines with much picturesqueness a certain largenessof volume, that reminds us more of our earlier writers than those of our own time.”—ContemporaryReview.

Studies of the Eighteenth Century inItaly. By Vernon Lee. Demy 8vo., cloth, 7s. 6d.

“These studies show a wide range of knowledge of the subject, precise investigation,abundant power of illustration, and hearty enthusiasm.... The styleof writing is cultivated, neatly adjusted, and markedly clever.”—Saturday Review.

Belcaro: Being Essays on Sundry Æsthetical Questions. ByVernon Lee, Author of “Euphorion,” “Baldwin,”&c. Crown 8vo., cloth, 5s.

“This way of conveying ideas is very fascinating, and has an effect of creatingactivity in the reader’s mind which no other mode can equal. From first to lasthere is a continuous and delightful stimulation of thought.”—Academy.

Juvenilia: A Second Series of Essays on Sundry ÆstheticalQuestions. By Vernon Lee. Two vols. Smallcrown 8vo., cloth, 12s.

“To discuss it properly would require more space than a single number of ‘TheAcademy’ could afford.—Academy.

“Est agréable à lire et fait penser.”—Revue des deux Mondes.


Baldwin: Dialogues on Views and Aspirations. By VernonLee. Demy 8vo., cloth, 12s.

“The dialogues are written with ... an intellectual courage which shrinksfrom no logical conclusion.”—Scotsman.

Ottilie: An Eighteenth Century Idyl. By Vernon Lee.Square 8vo., cloth extra, 3s. 6d.

“A graceful little sketch.... Drawn with full insight into the perioddescribed.”—Spectator.

The Fleet: Its River, Prison, and Marriages. By JohnAshton, Author of “Social Life in the Reignof Queen Anne,” &c. With 70 Drawings by the Authorfrom Original Pictures. Demy 8vo., cloth elegant, 21s.Cheaper Edition, 7s. 6d.

Romances of Chivalry: Told and Illustrated inFac-simile by John Ashton.Forty-six Illustrations. Demy 8vo., cloth elegant, gilt tops,18s.

“The result (of the reproduction of the wood blocks) is as creditable to hisartistic, as the text is to his literary, ability.”—Guardian.

The Dawn of the Nineteenth Century inEngland: A Social Sketch of the Times. By John Ashton.Cheaper Edition, in one vol. Illustrated. Large crown8vo., 10s. 6d.

“The book is one continued source of pleasure and interest, and opens up awide field for speculation and comment, and many of us will look upon it as animportant contribution to contemporary history, not easily available to others thanclose students.”—Antiquary.

Legends and Popular Tales of the BasquePeople. By Mariana Monteiro. With Illustrations byHarold Copping. Popular Edition. Crown 8vo., cloth,gilt edges, 6s.

“In every respect this comely volume is a notable addition to the shelf devotedto folk-lore ... and the pictures in photogravure nobly interpret thetext.”—Critic.

Heroic Tales. Retold from Firdusi the Persian. ByHelen Zimmern. With Etchings by L.Alma Tadema. Popular Edition. Crown 8vo., clothextra, 5s.

“Charming from beginning to end.... Miss Zimmern deserves all creditfor her courage in attempting the task, and for her marvellous success in carryingit out.”—Saturday Review.


Pilgrim Sorrow. By Carmen Sylva (The Queen ofRoumania). Translated by HelenZimmern. Portrait-etching by Lalauze. Square crown8vo., cloth extra, 5s.

“A strain of sadness runs through the delicate thought and fancy of the Queenof Roumania. Her popularity as an author is already great in Germany, and thislittle work will win her a place in many English hearts.”—Standard.

The Poison Tree: A Tale of Hindu Life in Bengal.By B. Chandra Chatterjee. Introductionby Sir Edwin Arnold, M.A., K.C.S.I. Crown8vo., cloth, 6s.

“This is a work of real genius.... As a picture of the social life of the Hindusit cannot but be regarded as masterly.”—British Quarterly Review.

The Touchstone of Peril: A Tale of the IndianMutiny. By DudleyHardress Thomas. Second edition. Crown 8vo., cloth, 6s.

“‘The Touchstone of Peril’ is the best Anglo-Indian novel that has appeared forsome years.”—Times of India.

The Amazon: An Art Novel. By Carl Vosmaer.Preface by Prof. Georg Ebers, andFrontispiece specially drawn by L. Alma Tadema, R.A.Crown 8vo., cloth, 6s.

“It is a work full of deep, suggestive thought.”—Academy.

The Temple: Sacred Poems and Private Ejaculations.By Mr. George Herbert. New andfourth edition, with Introductory Essay by J. HenryShorthouse. Small crown, sheep, 5s.A fac-simile reprint of the Original Edition of 1633.

“This charming reprint has a fresh value added to it by the Introductory Essayof the Author of ‘John Inglesant.’”—Academy.

Songs, Ballads, and A Garden Play.By A. Mary F. Robinson, Author of “An Italian Garden.”With Frontispiece of Dürer’s “Melencolia.” Small crown8vo., half bound, vellum, 5s.

“The romantic ballads have grace, movement, passion and strength.—Spectator.

“Marked by sweetness of melody and truth of colour.”—Academy.

An Italian Garden: A Book of Songs. By A. MaryF. Robinson. Fcap. 8vo., parchment,3s. 6d.

“They are most of them exquisite in form.”—Pall Mall Gazette.

“Full of elegance and even tenderness.”—Spectator.


The Sentence: A Drama. By Augusta Webster,Author of “In a Day,” &c. Smallcrown 8vo., cloth, 4s. 6d.

“The working-out of this tragical theme is nothing less than masterly.”—PallMall Gazette.

The Lazy Minstrel. By J. Ashby-Sterry, Author of“Boudoir Ballads.” Fourth andPopular Edition. Frontispiece by E. A. Abbey. Fcap.8vo., cloth, 2s. 6d.

“One of the lightest and brightest writers of vers de société.”—St.James’s Gazette.

The New Purgatory, and other Poems. By ElizabethRachel Chapman, Author of“A Comtist Lover,” &c. Square imperial 16mo., cloth,4s. 6d.

“There is not one of the poems that does not bear the sign manual of genius.”—Inquirer.

Introductory Studies in Greek Art.Delivered in the British Museum by Jane E. Harrison.With Illustrations. Square imperial 16mo., 7s. 6d.

“The best work of its kind in English.”—Oxford Magazine.

Jewish Portraits. By Lady Magnus. With Frontispieceby Harry Furniss. Small crown8vo., cloth, 5s.

“We owe much gratitude to the author for a very delightful book.”—ManchesterExaminer.

Gladys Fane. By T. Wemyss Reid. Fifth edition.(Unwin’s Novel Series.) Small crown8vo., 2s.

“The author of the delightful monograph on ‘Charlotte Brontë’ has given us inthis volume a story as beautiful as life and as sad as death.”—Standard.

Mrs. Keith’s Crime. By Mrs. W. Kingdon Clifford.(Unwin’s Novel Series.) Secondedition. Small crown 8vo., 2s.

Concerning Oliver Knox. By G. Colmore.(Unwin’s Novel Series.)Small crown 8vo., 2s.



The End of the Middle Ages: Essays andQuestionsin History. By A. Mary F. Robinson (MadameDarmesteter). Demy 8vo., cloth, 10s. 6d.

A Series of Essays on chapters in French and Italian History—“TheClaim of the House of Orleans,” “Valentine Visconti,” “The Convent ofHelfta,” “The Schism,” “The French in Italy,” “The Attraction of theAbyss,” and other Studies.

The Federalist: A Commentary in the Form of Essayson the United States Constitution.By Alexander Hamilton, and others. Edited by HenryCabot Lodge. Demy 8vo., Roxburgh binding, 10s. 6d.

“The importance of the Essays can hardly be exaggerated.... They areundoubtedly a great work upon the general subject of political federation; and theeducation of no student of politics in our own country can be considered completewho has not mastered the treatise of Alexander Hamilton.”—Glasgow Mail.

The Government Year Book: A Record ofthe Forms andMethods of Government in Great Britain, her Colonies, andForeign Countries, 1889. Crown 8vo., cloth, 6s.

“Mr. Lewis Sergeant has most admirably performed his task.”—Athenæum.

“The book fills a gap which has been frequently noticed by every politician,journalist, and economist.”—Journal des Debats.

The Making of the Great West, 1512-1853.By SamuelAdams Drake. One hundred and forty-five Illustrations.Large crown 8vo, 9s.

The Making of New England, 1580-1643.By SamuelAdams Drake. Illustrated. Crown 8vo., cloth, 5s.

“It is clearly and pleasantly written, and copiously illustrated.”—PallMall Budget.


The Story of the Nations.Crown 8vo., Illustrated, and furnished with Maps andIndexes, each 5s.

“L’interessante serie l’Histoire des Nations formera ... un cours d’histoireuniverselle d’une très grande valeur.”—Journal des Debats.

“The remarkable series.”—New York Critic.

“That useful series.”—The Times.

“An admirable series.”—Spectator.

“That excellent series.”—Guardian.

“The series is likely to be found indispensable in every school library.”—PallMall Gazette.

“This valuable series.”—Nonconformist.

“Admirable series of historical monographs.”—Echo.

Rome. By Arthur Gilman, M.A., Author of “A Historyof the American People,” &c. Third edition.

“The author succeeds admirably in reproducing the ‘Grandeur that wasRome.’”—Sydney Morning Herald.

The Jews. In Ancient, Mediæval, and Modern Times.By Prof. J. K. Hosmer. Second edition.

“The book possesses much of the interest, the suggestiveness, and the charm ofromance.”—Saturday Review.

Germany. By Rev. S. Baring-Gould, Author of “CuriousMyths of the Middle Ages,” &c. Second edition.

“Mr. Baring-Gould tells his stirring tale with knowledge and perspicuity. Heis a thorough master of his subject.”—Globe.

Carthage. By Prof. Alfred J. Church, Author of “Storiesfrom the Classics,” &c. Second edition.

“A masterly outline with vigorous touches in detail here and there.”—Guardian.

Alexander’s Empire. By Prof. J. P. Mahaffy,Author of “Social Life inGreece.” Second edition.

“A wonderful success.”—Spectator.

The Moors in Spain. By Stanley Lane-Poole,Author of “Studies in aMosque.” Second edition.

“The best, the fullest, the most accurate, and most readable history of the Moorsin Spain for general readers.”—St. James’s Gazette.

Ancient Egypt. By Prof. Geo. Rawlinson, Author of“The Five Great Monarchies of theWorld.” Second edition.

“The story is told of the land, people and rulers, with vivid colouring and consummateliterary skill.”—New York Critic.


Hungary. By Prof. Arminius Vambéry, Author of“Travels in Central Asia.” Second edition.

“The volume which he has contributed to ‘The Story of the Nations’ will begenerally considered one of the most interesting and picturesque of that usefulseries.”—Times.

The Saracens: From the Earliest Times to the Fall ofBagdad. By Arthur Gilman, M.A.,Author of “Rome,” &c.

“Le livre de M. Gilman est destiné à être lu avidement par un grand nombrede gens pour

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