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Flint Hills Cook Book

Flint Hills Cook Book
Title: Flint Hills Cook Book
Release Date: 2019-02-23
Type book: Text
Copyright Status: Public domain in the USA.
Date added: 27 March 2019
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Compiled by Women






Christ Church Parish,















There is a custom, hoary with the accumulated dust ofages, originating many a long century ago, in a certain,but now extinct “garden,” of which we all know more orless, viz: That man will and must eat.

Out of the helplessness of man there has grown anothercustom, equally old, (some say even older) that women shall setbefore him that which shall satisfy man’s hunger.

From that day to this women have vied with one another forpre-eminence in culinary art. Now any man will tell you that inthis art, there has been vouchsafed to some a greater measure ofperfection than to others. With this thought in mind, it has beenthe effort of the compilers to gather together and set forth in thepages of this book the proudest achievements of the best cooksto be found among the women of Christ Church Parish and othersof the city of Burlington, Iowa.

This being such a laudable object, it seems to the writer,that no apology for this book can be necessary. It is, therefore,put forth with the utmost confidence that it will receive a heartywelcome.

Like all things done in haste, it will no doubt, show defectsto the critical eye; but such as it is, we cast it like “bread”“upon the waters,” trusting that it may return in another form,ere many days are past.



Fish and Oysters21
Meats and Entrees27
Pickles and Relishes47
Pastry and Puddings52
Cake and Cookies71
Jellies and Jams81


M. C. ConnerInside Front Cover
E. H. CarpenterInside Front Cover
Hotel Delano6
Hawkeye Laundry Co.6
Biklen, Winzer Grocer Co.6
Churchill Drug Co.14
O. M. Burrus14
Grand Union Tea Co.14
Paul H. Phillips14
D. D. Robinson20
Stewart & Hayden20
Harrington & Salter20
George W. Turner20
Kaut & Kriechbaum24
Kriechbaum & Dewein24
Mrs. G. Moard24
John Renner26
Mauro & Wilson36
Henry’s Drug Store36
Burlington Electric Lighting Co.41
Frank Kupper (estate)41
R. M. Raab & Bro.42
Burlington Tent and Awning Factory42
Theo. W. Niemann42
I. Prugh & Sons42
Xano Manufacturing Co.42
Boeck’s Leaf Lard42
Burlington Gas Light Co.51
Sterling & Son51
Wyman & Rand51
Rankin & Dodge51
H. A. Brown & Co.51
Schier Tailoring Co.68
John Boesch68
J. J. Curran & Co.68
Gnahn’s Bookstore68
Drake Hardware Co.70
H. Ranke80
Burlington Hawk-Eye80
Jas. W. Smither80
Wm. Ihrer & Son83
P. F. Unterkircher & Son83
E. S. Phelps84
W. J. Donahue84
M A. Frawley84
M. H. Davis84
Robinson Drug Co.92
H. Zaiser & Son92
S. & S. Bakery92
Joseph Bock95
Jas. Bentz & Sons95
The Journal Co.95
S. R. & I. C. McConnell95
J. S. SchrammInside Back Cover


Sally Lunn.

1 scant cup of sugar, 3 cups of flour, 1 cup of milk, 2eggs, 1 tablespoonful of butter, 2 heaping teaspoonsful ofbaking powder, mixed with the flour. Mix eggs, sugar andbutter, then add with flour, stir quickly, put in shallowbiscuit tins and bake 20 or 30 minutes.

Mrs. C. P. Squires.

Cheese Straws.

1 quart of flour, 1 pint cheese (grated), ½ teaspoonful ofsalt, 4 tablespoonfuls of lard, use water to make it just stiffenough to roll on the board, ¼ inch in thickness, cut innarrow—not too long—strips, and bake a light brown in aquick oven.

Mrs. E. L. Stone.

Coffee Cake.

1 coffee cup of butter, 1 coffee cup (heaping) of whitesugar, 1 quart of milk (boiled), 1½ pints potato sponge, 4eggs, flour enough to knead it well, let it get very light,then roll it out one-half inch in thickness and let it riseagain; then just before putting into the oven spread butteror thick cream over it and sprinkle thickly with powderedsugar and ground cinnamon, well mixed.

Mrs. E. L. Stone.

Indian Bannock.

Scald 1 pint corn meal very carefully, 1 quart of milk, 4eggs, a little sugar and salt. Bake.

S. S. G.

Corn Meal Muffins.

4 tablespoons corn meal well scalded. Add 1 cup of flour,1 tablespoon of butter (put into the meal while hot), 1 egg,1 cup of milk, a little salt. Bake in muffin cups.

S. S. G.

Corn Meal Muffins.

2 eggs, 1 tablespoon of butter, 1 tablespoon of sugar,nearly 1 glassful of milk, 1 glassful of flour, ½ glassful cornmeal, 1 heaping teaspoon baking powder. Bake in quickoven.

M. G. M.


½ pint sweet milk, 3 eggs, butter size of an egg, tablespoonfulof sugar, ½ teaspoonful of salt, 3 teaspoons ofbaking powder. Flour to thicken.

Mrs. H. W. Perkins.


Put a pinch of salt and a teaspoon of sugar in a bowl,separate 1 egg and mix the yolk with this, stir well; thenadd 1 pint of milk, butter the size of a walnut, melted, 1teaspoonful of baking powder in flour enough to make abatter as for “pan cakes,” last add the beaten white of egg.Bake in muffin tins that have been warmed. Bake in a hotoven.

Bertha B——.

Rice and Corn Meal Cakes or Muffins.

At night boil two cups of rice, add a lump of butter thesize of an egg, and stir in 1 pint of milk. In the morningbeat four eggs separately and stir into the rice, and beatwell together.

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