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Dancing Without an Instructor

Dancing Without an Instructor
Title: Dancing Without an Instructor
Release Date: 2019-03-15
Type book: Text
Copyright Status: Public domain in the USA.
Date added: 27 March 2019
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Dancing Without
an Instructor
610 South Washington Square

Entered according to act of Congress in the year 1904
By Street & Smith
In the office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington, D. C.


Dancing Without an Instructor5


Introduction 9
The Etiquette of the Ballroom 11
The Five Positions 14
The Two-Step Slide 20
The Grand March 22
The March in File 22
The March in Column 24
The March by Platoons 25
The Arbor March 27
The Serpentine March 28
Square Dances 30
The Plain Quadrille 31
Additional Quadrille Figures 39
The Basket Figure 39
The Nine-Pin 42
Minuet Figure 43
The Star Figure 45
The Cheat Figure 47
The Jig Figure 48
The Sociable 50
Lancers 52
Saratoga Lancers 58
Waltz Lancers 63
The Caledonians 66
The Glide Caledonians 726
The Waltz Quadrille, No. 1 74
The Waltz Quadrille, No. 2 76
Prince Imperial Quadrille 79
Parisian Varieties 86
National Guard Quadrille 90
Contra Dances 95
The Virginia Reel 95
Pop Goes the Weasel 99
Spanish Dance 101
The Sicilian Circle 103
Round Dancing 104
The Waltz 104
The Glide Waltz 108
The Two-Step 109
The Galop 111
The Polka 113
The Polka Mazourka 115
The Schottische 117
Military Schottische 120
The Highland Schottische 122
The Racquet 125
La Bohemienne 126
The Berlin 127
The Yorke 129
The Caprice 131
The Redowa 132
The Varsoviana 134
Half-Time Dancing 136
The Cotillion 1377
The Figures of the Cotillion 141
The Flower Figure 141
The Magic Hat 141
The Scarf 142
Follow My Leader 142
Ping Pong 142
The Toast 143
The Umbrella 143
The Signal of Distress 143
The Chair 144
Forfeits 144
Puss in the Corner 144
Thread-the-Needle Archway 145
The Kneeling Knight 145
The Mask 145
Blind Man’s Buff 146
The Auction 146
The Gay Deceiver 147
The Rope 147
The Fan 147
The Basket, Ring and Flower 148
The Inscriptions 148
The Basket 149
The Inconstants 149
The Columns 150
The Carnival 150
The Handkerchief Chase 151
The Cards 151
Scissors to Grind 152
The Skaters 1528
The Spiral 152
The Pyramid 153
The Grand Round 153
The Star and Circle 154
The Double Pastourelle 155
The Labyrinth 155
Letter Carrier Figure 156
The Serpent 156
The Pursuit 157
The C$1ing Star 158
The Virginia Reel 158
The Double Quadrille 158
The Final Round 1599



Time was when to be a dancer meant a thorough acquaintancewith Mazourkas, Galops, Reels, Minuets,Polkas and other dances too numerous to mention; butnowadays one can get along very well with even a slightknowledge of but three: the Waltz, the Two-Step andthe Lancers.

It is a pity that such should be the case; but the factremains the same; and the beginner must not be dismayedby glancing through these pages, for but few of thedances here described ever appear on a ball program.

Special attention must, then, be given to these threedances, and no great difficulty should be found in learningthe steps.

Dancing properly so-called, is the active exertion of the10body in sprightly, graceful movement, accompanied withexhilaration of the mind, and when indulged in by theyoung is a most beneficial and healthful recreation.

It is no argument against dancing in itself, that it isso often connected with many

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