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On Mule Back Thru Central America with the Gospel

On Mule Back Thru Central America with the Gospel
Title: On Mule Back Thru Central America with the Gospel
Release Date: 2018-07-01
Type book: Text
Copyright Status: Public domain in the USA.
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Transcriber’s Note: Illustrations have been moved so as not to fall inthe middle of paragraphs (leaving them as close to the original positionin the book as possible). A few minor printing errors were corrected.


On Mule Back
Thru Central America


A Thrilling Missionary Story

Giving personal experiences on the mission field; of an
unshaken confidence in the God who took the
family to the field; supported them while
there; gave them many precious souls
for their hire, and brought
them back victorious.


Copies of this book may be obtained from
Missionary and Evangelist
3573 Shurtleff Court, Los Angeles, California


Copyright, 1922, by
(Published in the United States of America)
All Rights Reserved



Preface 7
A Message Given to Me in Tongues with Interpretation 15
Preparing to Start 17
Home Leaving 18
The Church in Unity. (The Wonderful Vision) 32
Opening the Way 36
Bread Upon the Waters. (From Los Angeles to Nicaragua, C. A.) 48
The Stars and Stripes and Beautiful Manzanilla 59
Salina Cruz, Mexico. (My Vision Interpreted) 64
The Virgin of the Angels 71
Arriving in Our Port at Nicaragua 82
Our Stay in Matagalpa 97
Leaving Matagalpa for Leon 110
Our Arrival in Leon 138
Leaving Nicaragua for Panama 183
Sailing from Panama 190
The Needs of Central America 200
The Indians of Nicaragua. (Extract from Article by Brother Schoenich) 212
“Where is the white man’s Book of Heaven?” 216




Frontispiece. Mattie Crawford 9
The Crawford Family 13
Father N. J. Norris, who paid our way to the Mission Field 45
S. S. Curacao on which we sailed to the Mission Field 49
On Board Ship 53
Carl on bridge of ship at sea 57
Some natives of a tribe in Guatemala, C. A. 61
“Come over and help us” 65
Taking their morning bath 69
A native village 75
Picturesque street scene of the Port of Corinto, where we landed 83
Resting during the heat of the day 85
Where they heard the Gospel for the first time 89
An Indian hut where we preached the Gospel 93
Indian girls grinding corn for tortillas 95
Alma and her music class in Matagalpa 99
Washday at the river for native women. Their only way to clean clothes is to rub them on a flat rock 101
Where we stopped for the night. Note the glare of the sun on the white sand 105
Alma and Carl among the banana trees 107
Leaving Matagalpa 111
Leaving in the early morning for a day’s journey 113
Alma and Carl feeding the pet deer 117
On our way through the mountains 119
[6]Carl with his faithful pony 123
Bringing coffee down from the mountain plantations 125
The only Jesus they know 129
One of the first to accept the Gospel 131
Carl and his father, as they distributed tracts to the Indians by the roadside 135
Street scene in Leon 139
Mother with child that was raised up from death 143
Waiting for the Gospel 147
Carl with his boys 151
Where I preached until midnight; and the entire family was brought to the Lord 159
Where the entire family was brought to Jesus, and the mother’s hand was healed of blood poisoning 163
Where Carl attended native school to study Spanish 167
Women coming from the market place 171
Alma with her music class in Leon 175
Alma with her English class of native girls 181
Alma reading a Bible story to her girls 187
An Indian woman who came to the meeting and was saved 191
I am just a brown-faced Indian girl, but I want to learn to read God’s Word. Will you send missionaries to teach us? There are thousands just as I am 203
One Indian who found Jesus and loves his Bible 209
An Indian woman whose attention was attracted and picture taken without her knowledge. Indians are very superstitious and are afraid to have their pictures taken 217



The days of miraculous achievements are not past, asthe accounts chronicled in this book will testify. Fourpeople make a missionary trip from Los Angeles, Cal.,down the coast of Mexico, preaching in many of hertowns while the ship discharges or loads cargo. Theyarrive in Nicaragua and preach to the natives, seeingnumbers of them baptized in the Holy Spirit. Returningto the States by way of the Panama Canal, andNew Orleans, they reach St. Louis and Granite City,having been gone less than two years.

Without missionary board, or other promised supportwhatever, the Lord provided some $3,000.00 for the trip.It is a testimony to His faithfulness, a sample of whatHe can and will do for those who will put their trust inHim. Some might question the wisdom and value ofthe shortness of their stay, but they moved under Divinedirection. If any possible critic had accompanied themin their journeyings, and seen the fire in the hearts ofthose native people there would have been no doubt intheir minds as to the exceeding profitableness of thejourney in the advancement of the kingdom of God.Many remote and scattered people were reached.Praise God! They will be seen in Heaven because ofthe Gospel message which they heard.

Then, too, this sketch of many happenings will, wetrust, kindle a flame of missionary fire in many hearts,and give them a sense of the great need of these CentralAmerican republics, so that they, too, will have to go,pray, or give. Brother, Sister, have you not someresponsibility toward sending the Gospel to those benightedpeople so long neglected? Let us not share inthe great age-long crime of the church in her neglect ofthe heathen. Do not pass the time in mere happydreams of spiritual blessings while the procession ofyour lost brethren of other nations tramps on intoeternity with no Christ. Be not like drones, who eatthe honey but do nothing for the advancement of thekingdom.

Seeley D. Kinne.



Photograph of the author



Affectionately dedicated to my precious Master, theLord, who made possible this service, and to my dearhusband, son, and daughter, who were noble sharers inthe battles and triumphs described.

Oh agony of wavering thought
When sinners first so near are brought.
It is my Maker—dare I stay?
My Savior—dare I turn away?
In the ripe harvest fields the day is cried,
And reapers with their sickles bright
Troop, singing, down the mountain side.



Photograph of the author and her family




It was on this message from the Lordthat we went to the mission field by faith,without any earthly board behind us, knowingthat what God had promised He wouldperform.

“The time has come when I will send thee forth. Arise!put away all doubt and say to the dark

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